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  1. Hi. I haven't been on Accutane, but I think it would be a good option for you. Most insurance companies do cover it, so it shouldn't be that expensive for you. You should just really talk to your doctor and read all of the Accutane posts on this forum so you know what you're getting in to. You shouldn't be too young to take it either. Hope this helps. Good luck and get rid of it of the acne before it does too much harm to your skin, i.e. scars.
  2. Did any of you see long-lasting improvements in acne? That's what I am really going for. Trying to avoid taking accutane. Thanks!
  3. Hi Scorpious. How is the acne going now? Are you seeing more improvement? Thanks.
  4. ...how is the acne situation coming? Are either of you seeing significant improvent and less zits and breakouts with the Smoothbeam treatments? how long did it take to start seeing improvements in the acne? I am so depressed. My skin looks like shit right now. I am ready to do something drastic -- smoothbeam or accutane. i just have to decide which one. the problem is that my acne is only mild to moderate, but it is so persistent. and i have it on my arms too! it's the wierdest thing,
  5. hey, a fellow DC'er. i am interested in smoothbeam in the DC area too. anyone out there have any suggestions for us? please keep me updated if you do choose to go to one of the 2 places you found. are you going for acne and scarring or just scarring? also, how much are they charging at Springfield Family Clinic? thanks!
  6. Sick_Skin wrote on FEb. 15th: "We need a section on this site that offers definitive proof of each treatment, and how well it works, with before and after photos, same lighting, same angles, same everything. There is a distinct lack of information. Ive seen some people post pictures about great improvements with before and after photos where i could not tell the difference. I dont want to sound unduely negative but it seems every few months there is another silver bullet treatment for acne sc
  7. Hi all. I still have active acne that I am trying to get rid of, but lately I have been upset about these 3 scars i have on the left side of my face from old, big zits. they are each about half a centimeter wide and depressed. not really deep, they are more flat and wide. they are very noticeable, especially in the light, and i really want to get rid of them. what would be the best procedure for such scars, since they are not everywhere but only on the sensitive area of my cheeks. should i
  8. hi everyone. i am so desperate to get rid of this horrible inflammatory acne on my back and arms. it's not like huge pimples and cysts, it's just a bunch of red bumps that almost looks like a rash. klaron (a prescription topical antibiotic) and neutrogena acne body wash are not working. i just want to wear cute clothes again and feel comfortable. has anybody had any luck getting rid of stubborn arm and back acne with OTC products? any help would be sooooooooooo appreciated! does cutting o
  9. doesn't anybody else have acne on their back and arms? wow. maybe i am a freak.
  10. Hi all. I am getting so depressed about acne on my back and arms. I am going to the beach in 2 weeks, and I can't even wear a bathing suit the way my back and arms look. I just don't understand. Before last year, I never had acne on my back and arms. Then, all of a sudden, I've got so many bumps and red spots all over my arms and all the way down my back. They are not like normal big zits. There are just tons of red bumps everywhere, making it look like I have a rash all over my back and
  11. can anyone explain where the hell this body acne came from? all of a sudden last year, i got spots all over my arms and back. they're not huge but they are soooooooooo ugly and annoying and prevent me from wearing tank tops and pretty dresses. i went shopping for a cute new years top today and everything looked disgusting because who wants to see acne on someone's back. and this is on a person with mild acne on my face. i just wish someone could tell me why this started happening all of a s
  12. hey guys. i can't do accutane right now because my insurance won't cover it. but, i am thinking about doing smoothbeam because at least it's a bit less expensive. i have been getting a lot more scars lately -- which totally pisses me off -- so i was thinking if all this laser stuff works, it can get rid of my acne and the scars at the same time. has anyone tried it? i am getting so damn sick of these freakin zits, especially on my back and arms -- where the hell did they come from. i am goi
  13. hey. well i have mixed results. the idea behind putting you on anti-biotics and topicals is that the antis will help as you get used to the topicals. most derms will take you off the antis once they think the topicals are working and will continue working. that's the idea at least. in reality, it depends on which has helped you get clear more -- the topical or the antis. antis only work as long as you are taking them -- there are no long term benefits. that being said, it might be the lot
  14. Dear Adam, Your life is so much more worth your skin. I don't think you're some kind of freak or going psychotic. I know the doctors say there is no proof that accutane causes this type of depression and anger and change in personality, but hearing everyone's stories that have been on accutane and have experienced this sort of thing, i'm pretty sure that it's a side effect -- a really bad one at that! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell your doctor that you are feeling this way. You're so far along
  15. Dear worried mom, I am on that same regimen. With acne, it just takes some time for you to start seeing a change. Almost everyone goes through a horrible "initial breakout," but there are options if it doesn't start improving soon. Give him all the support he needs on this regimen for about 2 months, and then, if it's the same or worse, take him back to the derm and try something else. If his skin is not sensitive, tazorac may be better for him than the differin because it's stronger. It