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  1. Accutane has changed my life- for the better! <3

    Well where can I start? I had acne since I was about 14 and it lasted me all through high school (fun). I am now 20. I was so embarrassed because it was getting so bad it got to the point where I started getting some cystic pimples!. Finally, I visited my dermatologist in 2014, who helped clear my acne with topicals but the acne returned, and she immediately suggested Accutane because she knew how long I struggled and how much the antibiotics and topicals weren't working. All I can say is that 6
  2. I am soo sad right now because I just got the bad news that my liver enzymes went sky high only after a month of accutane My derm told me to wait a week and do another blood test and see if it goes down then I can start my second month prescription and if not then she cant allow me to take the accutane yet and its so sad because its actually working ugh... I dont get it I did not drink alcohol or take any other prescription while on accutane ?? the only thing I ccan remember is I did eat junk f
  3. I dont understand why people have to be so ignorant and mean to actually point out people who have acne and make comments I mean its like we know we have acne do you think we Like living with this? obviously we're doing something to clear it! anyway i worked at Mcdonalds as a cashier for 3 years now and I've had customers actually comment or ask me something about my acne after they have placed their order and its SO embarrassing like do you have any idea how i feel when you put me on the spot l
  4. Wow Im happy your skin is clear now!, Im scared of getting a huge breakout and dry lips because Im a cashier and I have to speak with people and look at them in the eyes it will be so horrible but I guess It will be worth it?
  5. Acne is the worse thing ever like a curse!, but everything you said is so truee I can totally relate
  6. Hi guys so im new here, My name is Ashley and Im 18 years old. I had acne ever since i was in middle school. yeah thats a heck of a long time i had to deal with this problem my face went clear on and off but it was mostly bad, the only longest time it was clear for a year. every since breakouts starting getting worse and i couldnt get back the clear skin i been very very depressed lately. I litteraly cry every might, im angry at every little thing, food is my comfort and i avoid going out with