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  1. Hi had 4 sessions of Fraxel 2 years ago - And I have seen no improvement at all... I am planning on having a DeepFx treatment in 2 months...
  2. Sailette, I think the difference in energy levels is that your doctor is using the Fraxel 2, while my doctor is using the Fraxel 1. Maybe 20 mj on the Fraxel 1 is equal to 40 mj on Fraxel 2? And my doctor does 8 passes. With each pass, the cumulative effect of the energy increases. -Ralph
  3. Sailette, 1. Are you still using Retin-A? Yes, but only every other day. And I can only use it during weeks 2 and 3. (my skin is too irritated during the first week, and I purposely stop it the week before my next treatment which is week 4). 2. Why isn't your doc more aggressive with the energy? That is the setting that he gets the best results with. If he went any more aggressive, my skin would literally bleed. My skin looks raw and irritated for the first 3 - 5 days post treatment.
  4. I am now 16 days post-4th Fraxel treatment for isolated scars. I am 100 % positive that I am seeing improvement (especially on the box-car scar on my nose)... I'd say that the box-car scar on my nose is showing about 30 - 40 % improvement (the edges are much smoother and the central pit is more level with the surrounding skin). The ice-pick scar on my right cheek is only showing about 5 % improvement (the edges are slighly less sharp, but the central portion has not filled in). I am schedule
  5. Ralphie

    cp serum

    I've used the copper peptides religiously for 6 months (2 years ago), and got no results... Actually, the copper peptides is the one thing that made my pitted scars worse. It augmented the edges of the scar making them more defined in harsh lighting. So far, I've tried multiple topicals (copper peptides, retin-a, mederma, etc.) and 3 different types of lasers (smoothbeam, c6 medlite, and fraxel). The only thing that has helped my scars so far is the fraxel laser. I am now 15 days post-4th-f
  6. Jaimlyn, I am 9 days post 4th Fraxel treatment. I only get a couple isolated scars treated (not full-face). I get my treatments every 4 weeks. The downtime worsens with each treatment. This last treatment was horrible - as my skin is still red/pink, and just starting to lighten. After the 1st treatment - I did not have much down-time. (maybe 2 - 3 days). After the 2nd treatment, down-time was about 3 - 4 days. After the 3rd treatment, down-time was about 5 - 6 days. After the 4th trea
  7. Nope. I never asked him about using topicals at the same time... But, using this 0.25% tretinoin cream every other day seems to really augment the effects of Fraxel. -Ralphie
  8. Zonk, I think I am finally starting to see some permanent changes! I am now 17 days after my 3rd Fraxel treatment. And the edges of my scars are still nice and smooth (they are not sharp-edged, like they were before my 1st treatment). Normally my micro-swelling only lasts about 12 days. On my first two treatments, it was like my scars magically reappeared on day 12 or 13. Now, although they are slightly visible - the scars have much much softer edges and blend in with the surrounding s
  9. Its been 12 days since my 3rd Fraxel treatment. I just get spot treatment on a few pitted and ice-pick scars. The good news is that my scars are still barely visible. That means: either the micro-swelling is lasting longer than it did for my first two treatments... or, there is collagen remodelling taking place. The bad news is that this time (unlike my first two treatments), I am getting tons of small little pustules and white-heads around the periphery of the treated areas (and some with
  10. I am about 15 hours post 3rd Fraxel treatment for isolated pitted & ice-pick scars. (Energy = 20, Density = 125, Passes = 8). The doc used the same settings as the previous treatments. Right now, the treated areas are as red as ever, and I have multiple pinpoint hemorrhages. This is the first time I got the hemorrhaging. I hope it goes away by Sunday evening. As in previous treatments, my scars are now completely flat and near invisible!!! But I know that will only last 2 weeks. Prior
  11. Toner, I don't know anything about the MicroPeel laser... But, I am curious if you got any results from Fraxel?
  12. The swelling only lasts a few hours (3 - 12 hours)... The redness / peeling / bronzing lasts 5 - 7 days.
  13. DoggyDogg, I am 2 weeks past my 2nd Fraxel treatment. I am only have spot therapy for my isolated scars. It has not helped (or hurt) my ice-pick scar on my right cheek. But, during the first 10 days after my treatments (during the micro-swelling stage), my scars are near-invisible. So, the scars have the potential to be eliminated. Its just that I need something under them (e.g. swelling or more collagen). -Ralphie
  14. Glo, I've tried all of the copper peptides in combination with the various hydroxy acids for 8 months. They did absolutely nothing for my pitted and ice-pick scars. In fact, I think they made the scars worse. Hopefully, it will be different for you. -Ralphie
  15. Its now 11 days since my 2nd Fraxel spot treatment for depressed scars. (Energy = 20, Density = 125, Passes = 8) The microswelling is totally gone and my scars are as prominent as ever. The edges of the pitted scar are sharp and noticable, and the depth of the icepick scar is back to pre-treatment levels. This is very frusterating because the microswelling made both of them near invisible! I also doubt the effectiveness of Fraxel for reducing scarring. I know it is early in my treatment. T