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  1. lol yuh.. the kinda kids that goto warped often have terrible skin from all the moshing. honestly.. my skin went crazy.. all that beer-polluted sweat poured all over you and coming from you.. totally worth it though! :D
  2. I have some sort of cyst/nodule sorta thing.. and I dont have bp or any of that..and I was wondering if differin had the same sort of drying effect? I have differin and resurfacing gel.. would either of those bring it to a head quickly? It isn't bothering me enough to make an appointment to get a cortisone shot but apart from this I'm free of active acne so I just want it to go away as quickly as possible.
  3. Just wondering.. would differin help bring a cyst/nodule/thing to a head quicker?
  4. i love this definition, and agree with it 100%
  5. I couldn't find this anywhere so I thought I'd just ask.. how long does it take for a pimple to go through the whole stage of first being created until you can see it?? I know it's said to be two weeks but I've always thought it's more like 3 -4 days and I've read heaps of people on here saying that if they eat something bad or use a new product they break out 3-4 days later.. So I was just wondering if it's just a coincidence or what??
  6. impressive =) not really my style..but i can definately appreciate it!! your heaps good.. its a good thing you have free time !!
  7. whats worse, is seeing people who knew you before terrible skin and knowing their thinking "what the hell happened to HER??"
  8. excatly. I do still get out and have fun with my friends sometimes, but acne has stunted the fun of youth so badly. When any plan of going anywhere is decided on weather or not makeup will be enough to cover your skin or how long it will take to apply. I'm almost 20, so my teenage years are almost over, and I just that it could have been all those times ive been asked 'hey do you wanna come over and hang out' could have been answered 'yes' with out worrying about how long it would take me to g
  9. Good luck!!! Anyone that brave deserves good luck. I dont think it's a joke.. and reading it I dont consider it that disgusting, but I know i would NEVER be able to do this..mainly because I am already paranoid enough about being too close to people..Id hate to be scared people will study my crappy skin ANND smell piss. ew. I think people would pay more attention to this if you post some pics.
  10. yah it would be funny if it wasnt so lame to mke fun of someone just for bein different. jeezee people..theres jokes about preps, goths, jock, emos, skaters..what ARE you *allowed* to be ffs. (im not emo btw) but lol i have to admit the whole sisters pants thing was funny... but i dont get how they say "dont jump at shows" ..OBVIOUSLY never beenn to see an emo band before!!
  11. maybe if ya get em all over ur face!! man..mangoes are messy fruits!!
  12. egh. telling him sounds so much easier than it is. why dont u just tell him off for pressuring you? say its something that you dont want to share with anyone even tho u trust him its too personal and he should just stop pressuring you.. thts the easy way out anyway =)
  13. just reading that..brightened up my day!! its nice to know some peoples love lives are going great =) im heaps happy for ya <3