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  1. Same here, creatine does massively effect my acne, compared to eating junk food which will break me out. I noticed you said you take it with green tea, doesn't caffeine effect the absorption of creatine? I can't seem to find anything but mixed reviews about whether it does or not. I try to drink decaffinated tea so i still get get the benefits of it, just not as much caffeine.
  2. I have used creatine for about 2 months now, and have gained about 7 pounds of solid weight. It has not made a difference at all in my (now moderate) acne. Whether you are taking creatine or not, try to drink a lot of water when you lift,as this can reduce soreness, as well as make you feel more vibrant in general, making your workouts more enjoyable. A big factor I have found to cause acne in regard to supplements is what else is in the product other than what you are buying (i.e. are there a l
  3. Hello! About 2-2.5 weeks ago, I started drinking 3-5 cups/day of green tea, as well as mixing it in with my daily moisterizer (Aveeno Clear Complection), which I apply 3-5 times per day. Over the course of 1 week, I noticed this made a huge improvement, but it was not clearing up everything. Then, I began taking Zinc (25mg/day), Vitamin B6 (100% DV), Vitamin B12 (100% DV), Vitamin C(>100%), and Brewer's Yeast (6 tablets a day w/food) in addition to Vitamin A (100% DV), which I had already be