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  1. Whoa, it has been forever since I have updated my log. Much has changed. I totally sound like an idiot in my last post. Ha. I have learned that it took my body a long time to adjust to all my medicines (birth control, doxycycline, spironolactone), and that the longer I had been on the meds, the more my situation improved. Acne for me now is a rare thing. I've been on this new drug regime for about five months, and the changes have been dramatic, now that my hormones are back in check. I n
  2. Hey all... I got my Proactiv today! I am excited. I used it tonight and I like the way it feels and smells, though it burned just a teensy bit when I applied the benzoyl peroxide lotion, but I think that's because my skin has been a little dry lately. I decided to stay on all my medicines because it's too scary coming off them and I am doing so well now anyway. Though I needed a little something extra to keep completely clear. I hope this does the trick.
  3. Thanks for your post. I love love love to get posts! What week am I in? Does that mean how long have I been on Yasmin? Well, I think I've been on it for about three months now. Hey guess what I decided to do. I've decided to try Proactive. Ordered it last night. I was thinking I'd go off the doxycycline and spironolactone because they're way expensive and I'm spending like $100 a month on prescription meds... but seeming as I'm going to have this acne problem forever and HAVE to be using
  4. Ah, thank you so much. That made me laugh. I really needed that. THANK YOU! Well... My skin has been looking a little bit better lately. I am still breaking out frequently though. I can't understand it. I have three blemishes right now- it's usually about three to five all the time. ARRGH!!! I don't know what to do. I feel so hideous. Alas!
  5. Aaahh, I feel so horrible. It seems like this will never end. I am taking doxycycline, spironolactone, birth control pills, AND using Differin cream and I STILL have acne. I can't understand it. I have about ten blemishes on my face all the time. I just started the doxycycline and I heard that it makes it worse for a while at first and I certainly hope this is the case because then I have the acne getting better to look forward to. I want it to stop forever. I don't want this to be my lif
  6. Well, okay. I just came back from the dermatologist's office. Things did not go exactly as planned. He is not putting me on Accutane because my acne isn't severe enough. The less medicine, the better says he. I was dismayed at first but in truth, I only have about 5 maddening blemishes right now... I SO want to clear up for good. So he gave me a script for Doxycycline and Differin cream, both of which I can use indefinitely, which is good. In combination with the birth control and spirono
  7. Hey, guys, I was just wondering... Is the generic form of Accutane any less expensive than the brand name? Last time I took Accutane, which was last year, it cost about $100 a month. I'm starting another course, so if I could get a generic form that didn't break the bank it would be fabulous. Just curious.
  8. Oh, wow, geez guys... thanks for the wonderful posts! That just lifted my spirits right off the bat. Makes me feel less alone. It's ludicrous, but truly sometimes I feel like I am the only one on the planet with skin problems. Lizlee, I very much empathize with you. I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Acne is the worst! Arrgh! I believe that it must be one of the most if not THE most debillitating disease. It has crippled me in a way that no one (except you guys) understands. Truthf
  9. Well, I am back. Just wanted to add an update. I've been diagnosed with polycystic ovary disease which was causing a hormonal imbalance that was giving me the acne. So. I am now on birth control pills (Yasmin 28) and spironolactone, which seem to be helping. I also use an over the counter bp cream at night. I only have about ten blemishes on my face now and am doing tremendously better since my last post. It's been very strange, but I'm glad to know now what the problem was and to have it
  10. Well. Today I met with my new dermatologist, who was truly wonderful and very helpful and understanding (at last!!). The blood test results showed that my testosterone levels were high (I knew it). We discussed this, and what happened to me with the birth control pill. My breakout during that time may or may not have been caused by the Ortho Tri-Cyclen; it could have been a totally random unfortunate thing and just coincidental that I was taking Orth Tri-Cyclen at the time OR that it influen
  11. Alright. Well. (Sigh)... I visited my physician last Thursday and he did order a hormone blood test for me because I was adamant about it and he gave me a referral to another dermatologist... whom I will see this coming Thursday. It seems my options are very limited. As of late, I have been giving very serious thought to taking Accutane again. It was such hell, I would only do it if it would ensure a completely acne-free rest of my life, but... I don't know if there's much else I can do.
  12. I am going to die. I have a doctor's appointment next Thursday to "discuss hormones"; I don't know if I can make it... aaaahhh.... The breakouts have gotten much worse in the last week. I don't know how bad it'll be by the time of my appointment. Something has to be very wrong with me, somehow, to cause breakouts like this. I tried to count the number of blemishes and got to 100 and then gave up. Pretty soon I think my entire face will be completely covered again just like a year ago. I d
  13. Well. I think I am going to stop using the Carley's cleanser for the time being and just stick with the natural soap and use nothing else. In the meantime, I am seeing about getting health insurance so I can see a dermatologist (sigh). I have about 50 blemishes on my face alone right now. Back to square one. Bah!!
  14. So. Here I am in dire straights again... My acne is getting worse every day. I don't really know what the hell is going on, but I have a few suspicions... I ordered Carley's Clear and Smooth cleanser, moisturizer, natural soap and started using them on Tuesday. I was having a problem with the cleanser- it was too irritating and made my face red and a little peely-itchy, plus I got a few rash-like acne bumps after the third day SO I emailed the company (they are OUTSTANDING with their he
  15. Well. It seems I have hit rock bottom today. So. My trial period is ending with a horrendous fallout. It was only three days with doing NOTHING to my face to see if it would calm down on its own and, what a surprise, I am now very broken out. For chrissakes... The only problem was (I was doing completely fine with my old regimen and then the goddamn cold weather and dry air... harsh winds... harsh dry indoor heat- AAHH!!) that my skin became really dry and I was breaking out a little