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  1. Hi, Sara, Sorry I've been AWOL recently... I'm in the process of moving and changing jobs, been busy dealing with all that hassle and haven't been on the forums as much recently! But it's settling down now. As for my skin? Meh. I don't really know what it's doing. I'm *waaaay* past week 12 on the RAM at this point, and I'm still not consistently clear. Here's the problem. My skin likes to switch from really clear to really crappy every 4-5 days or so. So, for 4-5 days, I'll have no ne
  2. Thanks, Sara!! More good news to report... The ultimate test was last night. I went clubbing (no, not baby seals), and whenever I do this, the combination of moisturizer, sweat, and cigarette smoke around me makes my skin look like CRAP by the end of the night. Despite the fact that I was all sweaty and gross and didn't wash my face at all until I got home, my skin looked fine! And it looks good today, too! I am happy! Yay Retin-A Micro!
  3. After 9 weeks of nothing short of hell, by my 10th week the Retin-A Micro is helping pretty consistently (I shouldn't jinx myself!). I still have a lot of red marks, but those will heal in time. Otherwise, my face is pretty clear--I'm getting maybe one or two small spots every other night (which is fine, considering that pre-RAM I'd have up to 10 and for the first 9 weeks on RAM up to 50!). It's been a struggle to find the right method of exfoliation--one that will keep my pores unclogged and
  4. Thanks for the advice!! I definitely will order some emu oil for next time my face gets this dry... I went out yesterday and bought Neosporin+pain relief, but when I got home and re-read a few threads here I realized I mistakenly bought the ointment instead of the cream. I used Retin-A last night on the non-irritated parts of my face (cheeks, nose, forehead) and didn't put anything on my chin and mouth area. I'm still cracked and bleeding all around my mouth, but I have no active acne spots
  5. Back track to last night. I was in the middle of my 9th week on Retin-A Micro .1% and getting pretty fed up: still no signs of my face clearing. So, I decided to ditch the Retin-A for the night and try a brand new product: L'Oreal AcneResponse Adult Acne Peel (saw it in Wal-Mart). BAD idea...I should have read the ingredients. There's a high concentration of alcohol and other harsh chemicals in there, and needless to say, my already-fragile-from-tretinoin skin got really, really damaged--it
  6. Thanks for the advice, springmore! I'm trying to get an appt with a dermatologist, but they're kind of sparse around here and I have to wait at least *2 months* for an appointment! So I'm kinda on my own until then. It's really annoying! As far as birth control goes, I haven't tried it, and I probably won't, a) because my problem isn't oil--it's really DRY skin, and b) the type of acne that's typically helped by bc is that on the chin and jawline, and I get spots on my upper cheeks!
  7. Initially, my acne was very mild and 100% controllable just by using Neutrogena's RapidClear salicylic acid lotion every night. All of a sudden, the SA stopped working and I wasn't clear anymore, but my acne was still mild. I got a prescription for Retin-A Micro .1% and was totally clear for the first two weeks I was using it, but my face exploded after that...and I'm now at the end of week 7 and my skin is worse than it's ever been. I'm hoping that I'm just having a long initial breakout and
  8. 3 weeks definitely isn't long enough to see results... you're going through the initial breakout, I think. But I can understand if you want to stop using it--it's really harsh on the skin. I guess I'm confused as to why I've been on this stuff for 7 weeks and I'm *still* breaking out all over my face, where I never broke out before. How much longer should I give the Retin-A to work?
  9. So, the RAM website says that you'll get the "full results" of the medication after 7 weeks. I'm approaching my 8th week on this stuff and, still, my acne is worse than before I started--I'm breaking out in places I never did before. Question...has anyone gotten clear from RAM but was still breaking out in week 8? How long did it take for you to see "full results" if not 7? I'm thinking of throwing this stuff away if it keeps worsening my skin.
  10. So, I posted in another thread that I took a night off the Retin-A and my face exploded. This morning it looked absolutely awful, and my pimples were itchy. I covered my face is salicylic acid lotion, and even though the zits are all still there, they're not as red and inflamed as they were earlier. But...they still itch. Sadly I wasn't able to find a walk-in clinic in my neighborhood, though, so I'm still on my own. I'm trying to figure out *why* my face suddenly exploded after one ni
  11. Yep, it's really, really bad and it's getting WORSE as the day goes on. Only now the "zits" aren't painful anymore--they itch (a lot). I'm actually not ruling out the possibility that I have chicken pox (don't they start on the face?). I've never had it before and haven't been vaccinated since I was 10 (I'm 23 now). Can anyone who's had chicken pox describe how it starts? Arghhh. Walk-in clinic is a good idea... I don't know if we have those in my neighborhood, but I'm going to start re
  12. So, yeah. My skin was getting really dry, so I decided to take one night off of Retin-A and give it time to heal. The next morning, BAM! Worst acne I've ever had in my life. My acne has never been worse than mild, and now it's the worst kind of severe. And it's ALL over my face. I'm seriously sitting here at work crying because it's so bad and it hurts (BAD, painful infections)... What the hell happened? One night off of Retin-A and I break out worse than I have in my life? Do I have to
  13. caffeinefree, I'm on retin-a micro .1% and seem to be exactly where you are on the timeline...this Friday will be the end of my 6th week, too! My skin looked really good for the last week or so, but now it's exploded--I mean, like, initial breakout all over again. It looks worse than it did before I started RAM. I'm starting to get worried because the 6th week is supposed to be when we start clearing up, and I'm definitely nowhere near clear. Do you think we'll clear up dramatically after Fr
  14. longshot--you're in week 5 and you're clearing up? So lucky! I'm in week 5, too, and my skin is still a roller coaster. I'll be clear-ish for a few days, then break out badly for a few more, then clear up, then break out...I don't get it. When is this stuff going to work consistently? Gahhh! I'm about to reach week 6!
  15. Thanks for the advice, guys!! It actually started to look not as bad (but it's still noticeable) by the end of a full day wearing moisturizer. I'm afraid to skip a day on Retin-A, since I've been using it every night up until this point, but I did just put a little on! Thanks!