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  1. Bang the bottom of the bottle on the floor if you use the pump. Bang the top on the floor if you use the cap. Cut the bottles in half when banging them no longer works. Slice it right down the middle if you use a tube. Keep cut bottles/tubes in plastic baggies so the BP doesn't dry out.
  2. I do not use any moisturizer. Not recommended for regimen newbies.
  3. I just use jojoba oil as my only moisturizer. i keep the bottle in the shower and it is the last thing i do in the shower. i rub it on my wet face, then rinse it off as best as it can, but its great because it gets into your skin and keeps it nice and soft.
  4. LOL, you must really hate BP... I still use it, but I'm thinking of quitting cause I read it causes worse problems in the future...like wrinkles. Do you have any websites for the "Shishedo" products cause I can't find anything about it, really.
  5. is there a certain type of green tea that has the antioxidants (or whatever they are called) or do I need a special kind...? i just so happen to have something called Uncle Lee's green tea in my cabinet, and I'm wondering if that would do.
  6. Hey I understand when some of you recommend tea to drink to help acne, but what do you mean by rinsing with it? Do you mean you literally wash your face with tea? If this is true, how is this done? Do you do it with a cleanser, when it's still hot, I'm a bit confused. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Yesterday I thought it was starting to work... but then...I got up this morning, and began to "walk the plank" to the mirror as usual, expecting to see even greater results than yesterday, but NO, worse! Much, much more worse! 5 new disgusting yellow heads were showing, three were clustered right next to each other, which from a distance (yes I look at my face from different views) looked like one massive grotesque creature growing on my face! Usually I get upset when I breakout but this time I
  8. this thread cracked me up. Jess, I think what you said is very interesting. It makes a lot of sense to me, and that's something I would've had trouble explaining in words. especially when you said... "...you pick up on what you're seeking and then tend to ignore evidence to the contrary, not necessarily on purpose but automatically." I totally agree. To add, I think when people have sudden break outs, they look for something to blame. And I myself especially am guilty of doing this. I blame
  9. I think it's a great idea that you are making a cleanser and moisturizer. It makes thihngs simpler to order everything you need for the regimen at once.
  10. I hate when I'm applying either BP or moisturizer over my face when there are big yellow heads, and then the tops break off and it starts leaking a little. I try to dab it as much as possible, so I can continue applying the BP or moisturizer without spreading the nasty gunk around.
  11. I don't believe that masturbation causes acne. Maybe something you always do alongside of masturbation is the real cause. like, hypothetically, maybe a certain somebody likes to rub thier face (irritating it) everytime they masturbate. ? Just an example...
  12. DONT start using more if your skin is dry it means you started TOO FAST not that you need more......... u can start as SLOW as you want when it comes to bp its always working even if its just a little..... and working up is the key to preventing initial breakouts. Yea he's right! Don't listen to what I said. I'm too much of a neophyte myself to start giving advice. All I can say is just be patient, it must work!
  13. Just make sure you're doing everything right. Watch the videos. they helped me a bunch. http://acne.org/video.html Even though you are dry, you maybe should consider using a higher dosage, not too much more, and gradually, but only if you feel comfortable in doing so. It's up to you. Eventually, it will work.
  14. PJS

    I'm depressed...

    thanks placid and Anonym. I have been feeling a little better lately, and I think finally the regimen is starting to kick in! Overall, the redness has gone down some. I know some people say the BP makes them redder, but mine is going away! I found a new cleanser and moisturizer. The Basis sensitive skin bar and Aveeno Ultra-Calming daily moisturizer. the Basis is great because it doesn't dry my face as much, and it still makes me feel really clean. Aveeno's Ultra-Calming is just amazing...it
  15. i am skinny and i tried to gain weight with supplements. nothing heavy, just some designer whey protein shakes, but let me tell you, I believe that's what started my first bad acne break outs. before i started drinking shakes, i only had acne like that of an average teenager...i really do think all these supplements affect acne. i stopped drinking the shakes about a month ago and decided to just drink Ensure Plus instead (to gain or maintain healthy weight) I try to eat as many healthy foods as