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  1. I read a couple post one day and a lot of people were talkling about they dont drink milk anymore it breaks them out very bad... im just curious if drinking organnic non fat milk would help..a lot of people were talking about hormones in the milk etc ????? thanks
  2. im taking accutane to treat my folliculits can anyone help with a tea tree oil..an jojoba oil regimen... is it bad to mix those two products...? anybody thank you
  3. hmmm i got just saw this thread...i got a tatto on tane...like a couple weeks a go.i was on month 3....it was my 5th...and i got two touched up on my chest.... my tats healed the same as my other ones..and it was not painful at all... just sharing my experience..but its prob not a good idea as stated above
  4. thanks for the detailed post..i appreciate it... when is the best time to put the oil on. after i wash my face? the apply lotion..or can i use this instead of a lotion? i am not familuar with the regiment at all ?? thank you
  5. I am taking accutane because i have folliculitos i was told tea tree oil was good for acne.. in general..and people with razor bump in grown hairs.. any thoughts or advice thank you
  6. nobody anybody... i dunno what forum to post in to get the best help for folliculitos..anybody direct me with that at least?' thank you
  7. im currently on accutane im wondering if my doctor.....took the wrong course of action any thoughts
  8. Im currently taking accutane for follicultis ....its gotten somewhat better... im being patient i have only been on tane for two and half months so... but im curious has anybody been cured from follicutis by taking accutane and if not what was your course of action...of if anybody has any erpericnce with Facial follicultis
  9. I am having a lot of success with my accutane..I was just thinking about switching from citaphil to something else... im lookig for something easy to purchase...at a local drugstore..nothing online... thank you
  10. yea my face def broke out more..while she was here...having her hair in my face...and yes of course girls like to touch your face..sweating on each other..etc its about two weeks now since she left.and my face has never looked better
  11. my sex life hasnt been effected at all...i posted this a week before my gf was coming to visit me..she came for a couple weeks and no problems normal... a lot of sexual problems are mental...so if you think its going to effect you it probally will..if you think it wont it probally wont... imop
  12. well first month done..i just got bumped up to two 40mg pills a day I have nothing but good things to say about my 1st month..i received a minor initial break out nothing to really mention...and it cleared up quickly...I have naturally dry skin but my face i still producing a lot of oil surprisingly...my lips are dry not severly dry though..and my body has been dry i need a lot of lotion..other then that..i already feel like my face has improved in such a short period of time...and people have
  13. its good to hear a postive story... good luck with your treatments... ha this forum made me question taken accuatane...i only read postive post now good luck..with ya last month
  14. i asked my pharmicist the same question..can i take protein while on accutane? he wasa kinf of clueless but i brought in a label of my protein..I take Optimum nutrition too as some one earlier said and he ok it....you can just take ya protein to the pharmacy and ask them..