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  1. heres my story, i peeled of a 20% tca peel on the 10th day of peeling becuase i was so depressed and frustrated, which has now left me with more mild scars, they look like wrinkles, when i stretch my skin they dissappear but are there when my skin isnt stretched, its awful,i notice these scars in the light and i am very depressed, i did a 25% tca peel myself a few weeks ago with very small improvement. and i am using copper peptides. overall i have had 4 obagi blue peels and i no other derm wil
  2. ive got a pitted scar, very mild but its definately a pit, i have done cross's on a few scars which seem to be working but thes little pit seems to be staying the same, what is going on? does that mean i dont have enough collegen there to grow?
  3. i am wondering what the skin looks like after a 25% tca peel? (not a blue peel) does it look like a scabs or flakey skin, my skin looks just flakey after a 15% tca peel so does that mean it will still look flakey after a 25% tca peel or will my skin be red raw???
  4. is it dangerous if i try this myself? will i scar myself even more? i have done 15% tca peels with no problem
  5. anyone done a tca peel at this strength on their own? if so, what were the reslts like etc??
  6. i think needeling is better becuase you can do it more accurately, i did a tca cross with some improvement, i did needeling with a toothpick lastnight and my scars are beginning to scab-i really hope this works-i applied supercop2x after i toothpicked the scars, alot of people have done this with success so im going to have to wait and see!
  7. if you go on skinbiology.com dr pickark suggests doing it with a toothpick but not till it bleeds, i just did it on one of my pits the same way as needeling and personally i think it has worked just like needeling would. today my face has scabs so i will let you know once they have gone, its really weird because my skin frosted over just like a tca cross so i thought maybe it will give me same results,
  8. anyone tried this, i did it and all my scars look level right now although they are red and will scab over soon, i know the levelness is from the swelling, however i would like to know if you get results as soon as the scab falls off? does the scar look the same or worse?
  9. the problem is that my scars arnt deep, they are mild indents and wrinkle scars. i am so depressed by these
  10. white scars are the most difficult to treat but ive heard needeling is supposed to help
  11. does anyone stop going out because they hate their scars so much? i have started staying in all the time becuase ive got it in my head that i wont leave the house untill my scars are fixed, im stopping myself from enjoying life, going out with friends etc, i did a 15% tca home peel with some improvement and im wondering if i can repeat it again once my skin has peeled? im totally fed up, i had 4 obagi blue peels, and i peeled my 3rd blue peel off with has left me with these horrible wrinkle/line
  12. i got tca from maillie and it it dosent work, i threw it away, i think this ebayer is a fraud, the tca bottles arnt even marked(so you can get accurate measurements) i would go to makeup artistschoice, their tca peels are reliable, if your looking for a high % for doing cross, then go to perfectcomplexion.net