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  1. Let me keep this brief and to the point. When at a consultation regarding treatments for your skin. What important questions should I the consumer be asking?
  2. I would say that its best to let your skin heal from the previous treatment. I would say anything that involves laser would need a good 2-3 month minimum with plenty of protection from sunlight. I would ask the Dr who did the laser for more accurate information.
  3. Hey Michi - Sorry to hear that dermarolling has left you with these scars. Ive heard that the roller can cause microtearing, do you think this is what you are seeing? Had you recieved any chemical peels prior to dermarolling and is your skin very well balanced with oils/water or quite dry when you dermarolled? I look forward to hearing from you.
  4. Hi Nope - Thanks for your reply. Thats excellent that you are satisfied with your results. Can you tell me if you received any prior treatments before stamping - I.E laser or chemical peel? Also what kind of scars were you treating? Look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Hey Nicky, Thanks for the reply. In your above comment you say that your pores have become scarred. By this do you mean that previously unseen pores have enlarged and stayed this way due to dermastamp? I also see that you said there was no skin alteration with the 0.5mm - I can imagine this is because it was not deep enough to cause atrophy to the dermis. How long did you stamp with the 0.5mm with how long intervals in between? I too have very shallow scars. Which are ice pick, mainly v
  6. Hello All, After months and months and months of research and trying to push myself to finally doing my first dermastamp session at home. I come across a comment which read to the effect of: "Dermastamp has made my skin have the texture of a burned scar." Followed by several people claiming they also have had this type of new skin texture appear after dermastamping for a long period of time. I understand that the punctured collums from the stamp are healed naturally by the body. This hea
  7. Hey Annabolton, I know how you must feel about your scars. Mine also fill me with great distress on a daily basis. Just know that your not alone and there is lots you can do about how you feel regarding the issue. If you can look into CBT sessions and speak about your issues to your family and friends and this should release a lot of your stress. 1 - Im not to sure about rolling over fillers. You could research how stable the product is after treatment and make a informed decision afterward.
  8. Your confusing the issue here prettysam, dehydrated skin simply means that the outer layer that holds the water content in the skin is damaged, the skin still supports itself with sebum (oils). dehydrated skin is completely different to dry skin. Dry = Lack of Oil. Dehydrated = Lack of Water. I agree that drinking water will help your skin however with dehydrated skin no matter how much water you ingest the skin will simply evaporate and not be able to hold onto. Facial masks need to be av
  9. As it stands nicotinimide has made my face red and blotchy all over. I know look pretty bad. Need to get my confidence back on track and this is a set back.
  10. Thanks for the info on linoliec acid. Im adding more to my diet. Ive recently found an interesting article (SOURCE: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16766489 ) on niacinimide (aka nicotinimide) It talks about how it repairs the skin barrier (which weve already discussed) but also that it reduces the creation of sebum. Now considering were talking about dehydrated skin (loss of water content) would using this product make matters worse by causing dry skin (loss of oil content) This would
  11. Ive recently read studies that using a 2% niacinimide (aka nicotinimide) can reduce the sebum creation on skin which in effect helps with acne. With regard to dehydrated skin (loss of water content) would using this product cause dry (loss of oil content) issues in the long run. There is plenty to say that it helps repair a skin barrier, but as with everything I think using it without going over board may be essential. thoughts? SOURCE: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16766489
  12. Thanks for more information to you both! Ive gotten ahold of niacinimide ( now known as nicatinimide sp? ) to which Im going to apply to vegetable glycerin and water mix in a spritz bottle. Im afraid of most sunscreens, I only at this point wish to use natural products on my skin. Ive read that coconut or emu oil may be a natural sun protectors so Ive adapted emu oil as a final barrier to hold the glycerin and nicatinimide in place. Saying that theres not much sunshine on this side of the wo