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  1. all right then....as long as you're aware of it!
  2. MED C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T put the bronzer on your face!! not only will you break out, but that lotion is way too harsh and you'll burn and peel for weeks! it's not meant for your sensitive face!! pleeeeease don't do that to yourself! your face will still tan without the lotion because it is so sensitive, you don't need it!!
  3. hey, i tan all the time, but i don't stop the regimen for it! waiting 2 days is a bit extreme....i'm fine!....just don't go in the tanning bed with BP on your face and you'll be fine too! put it on at night as usual (unless you have a burn) and it shouldn't bother you. just do not put any tanning lotions (the bronzers and such) on any parts that break out! my chest broke out really bad because that junk clogged my pores, so be careful! i mean, seriously, we already have freaking acne, that's
  4. yeah, you know......i love acne (visualize it).....i tend to be sarcastic when i'm bitter.....aren't you??
  5. I am not sure why the regimen failed to work at first. My skin has been through every prescription medication out there without much luck, so maybe when I started using a low dose of bp it thought I was kidding! I'm not saying that I didn't see the effects of the bp - my face was red and dry...but i still kept breaking out over and over, perhaps due to excessive dryness. At that same time I was playing around with different moisturizers, soaps and foundations to find the right combination, so th
  6. Acne causes soooo much pain.....more acne = more pain. Why would you want to do that to yourself?? You've waited this long, you can wait a bit until your birthday.....
  7. Dan, I would like to personally thank you for creating the regimen for all of us acne prone people. I think that acne is not just a physical problem, but an emotional problem as well....but things are looking waaaaay up thanks to you. I have been on the Acne.org regimen for almost a year (9-10 months). I'll be honest, for the first 4 or 5 months, the regimen didn't do crap, and I was sooo discouraged. But since I was sick of my dumbass dermatologist (it's a freaking guessing game, that's all
  8. I was reading in a magazine (cosmo or glamour or something) a few weeks ago, and a dermatologist said that the number 1 worst food that causes acne are potatoes (any kind, they don't have to be fried to be bad)!!! Does anyone understand why? I don't get it, and I happen to loooove all sorts of potatoes...and now I'm depressed........ ({|=
  9. Not only does it last all day (and so far, sweating doesn't bother it at all), it also keeps looking natural all day as well! i've been waiting to see if it will break me out since my skin is so sensitive, but so far, so good! the only really tough part about it is finding your true skin tone. it took me awhile....i probably looked crazy standing in walmart for an hour holding bottles up to my face!! but it is worth it in the end!!
  10. everyone knows that tanning is bad for you, but to be honest, I do it anyway. you're only young once, and when you are you want to look good! anyway, I'm on BP and I have been tanning for a couple months. I've only had one big breakout (right now ](*,) ). But never ever wear any BP into the sun bed, wash your face first. And I also never let my face go unprotected. SPF 15 will protect you from a burn, but still give your face some color.
  11. For all you girls out there that are like me, and have been searching and searching for the perfect shade of foundation (and are unwilling to spend a billion dollars on a custom blend) I have found the answer! O:) True Match has a great system of matching your skin tone, and it works! The makeup doesn't cover zits perfectly, but if it did, it would look too caked on. But it blends great, and there are no oils and it is non pore clogging! / You should all check it out! It's only $9 at Wa
  12. ...does BP make the red marks from acne take FOREVER to fade?? i've never had this problem before using BP!! is there any product i can use to help them fade faster? i feel like i am taking 2 steps backward instead of getting better! ](*,)
  13. hey ya'll! i have been struggling with stupid acne since i was 10 years old and i have been seeing a derm almost as long. i'm 19 now, and i think i have discovered the combo of medications that work for me and for others that have my kind of acne!!! after taking every type of antibiotic and prescription creams i gave up and followed dan's advice and so did my boyfriend...... well, my guy looks great, but it had no effect on me b/c my face is so used to harsher products now. so i had to go