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  1. pimples and such other skin disorders are due to the spoiled blood.You should use some product for cleaning blood.Some product having minerals may prove nice.
  2. Use any dry soap and if you want any medication I think avoid chemicals and use any natural product.
  3. I haven't tried it.I tried C+Zinc, it's wonderful for skincare and blood cleaner.You should try it and I think it's available online with cheap rates.
  4. will be good if you consult to any medical specialist as it's a sensitive matter here
  5. Sorry, can't tell you yet.I 'm too finding any thing like this.
  6. I think you should use some good multivitamins as I heard a lot that they do work for this purpose.Good luck
  7. get yourself checked by any good skin specialist and use soap according to his suggestion.Self experiments will lead you nowhere else from where you are.
  8. I think you should avoid oily and roasted foods for sometime and observe whether is there any benefit or not.With these you should use any good multivitamin.
  9. Many people get their skin spoiled by using so many things just for experiment. Do you use oily foods? If you do so that's bad.Consult any skin specialist..It's my sincere opinion for you.
  10. I know little about thee creams.My cousin had such skin and he used some medicine and some what ok now.I can send you the name and availability later if you need.
  11. Hi! I am from Uk.I'm new member of this community and glad here to talk to you people.You'r in confusion? I think if one thing is not healing your problem, that's simple...leave ..leave it and try any new one.