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  1. Hi Everyone. I have had a crazy experience my my face going out of control on me, it started June 2012. It had cycles. June 2012 - June 2013 it went through all sorts of stages. It started as patches of acne, to big huge patches of acne, to extremely inflamed acne. When I say inflamed, I mean like my whole face felt like it was a puzzle of under ground cyst. I never had problems with acne before, but always used oil free make up. I eat extremely healthy and didn't change my diet. The only
  2. Hello Wishclean ) I completely understand about not wanting to switch up your routine, I am the same way. I like to stick with things so I can see them working. The one supplement you should DEFINITELY consider and do some of your own research on is Thymex. I have been taking it for a month now, and this has been the only thing, that has dramatically given me improvement. I had been to so many doctors, tried so many things. I never had acne in my life, and then a year ago it started, went thr
  3. Hello Sweetie, I am going to be SUPER SUPER honest with you, and you skin does not look bad at all. I can understand you insecurities...because I am anal about my skin- but I am 100 percent honest when I say- you look great. I know how you feel, and don't worry about the guy. I have had many experiences like this too. Some people are just flaky. I could tell you 4 stories I have experienced like that, especially with online dating. It's 100 % NOT you. I am new to this site, I hav