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  1. Hey guys, What I wanna talk about today is how acne affects your everyday life. Of course how and how strongly your skin influences what you do and how you do it depends entirely on you. I personally know a lot of people dealing with acne, some of them with very severe cases. Some might expect them to be emotionally unstable and introverted, but they're not. Of course there are tons of teenagers out there never leaving their rooms because they are embarrassed about the way they look. But
  2. juanjo


    Hello Guys, so I have started taking Accutane about 5 weeks ago. As I am very interested in the topic and have been reading a log of logs lately I thought it might be nice to share my experience with you. First, a little bit about myself. I am 16 years old, I am from Germany (so pardon any grammar mistakes) and I have been suffering under acne since I was about ten. I have had all levels of acne. It started out really light and kept getting worse until I was 14. Then it went back and for a fe