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  1. I second the previous responses - I had a terrible time in the first few months with worse than usual breakouts. However, I cleared after about 4 months and have had great skin ever since. Hang in there as it is definately worth it and you will amost forget that feeling of dread when you feel a new one coming.
  2. I suggest using Cetaphils Daily Moisturiser as it contains sun protection. I use an SPF 15 on my full face and then an SPF 50 on areas where the sun will naturally hit, ie the cheeks and nose. I spent 10 days in plus 30 deg weather using BP twice a day and never burnt using this. Hope you find what works for you and have a great time!
  3. Once the BP aborbs into your skin it should be invisible. Dan's gel certainly is and even the BP creams that I have used were not visible by the time they had absorbed into my skin.
  4. Moisturising can actually help oily skin. Often times your skin will overproduce oil because it is dry and needs the moisture. You might find that adding in a moisturiser helps to balance your skin a little more.
  5. Just keep at it - I saw very little improvement in the first 7 weeks - in fact I think it actually worsened and my acne became deeper and more painful. However, I have seen a huge imprevemnt in the 8th week. I am still not clear but I am starting to see that I can get there. I was becoming extremely discouraged just like you but it will happen. Just be patient!
  6. I also had this happen to me - several times in fact. I would wake up with swollen eyes which would last a couple days and then become extremely dry and itchy. I have been on the regimen for about 2 months now and have not had any problems with swelling since the first few weeks. My guess is that despite being very careful not to rub the BP or lotion in the eye area it works it's way up there when you're sleeping or just during the day if you accidentally rub your eyes. I would reccomend not put
  7. Hi Everyone, So my quick back story - I am 27 years old and have been suffering from acne since I was 14. It was pretty severe in my teen years but cleared up on it's own to a mild case in my twenties. I started the regimen 7 weeks ago and have been pretty patient but I am getting a little discouraged now and am just wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences as me and am really just looking for some encouragement. I had good initial results with clearing but of course terrible dry
  8. i disagree, i think she would totally love it. When my boyfriend bought me a flower on our one month i really wasnt expecting it and it felt so special. i think u shouldn't worry abouut whether its the right or wrong thing to do, if u feel like doing it - do it!
  9. Ive been using it for a while and it was great until i started on the regimen, now it just doesnt moisturise enough.
  10. Age: 21 Sex: female School/College: University Acne status: mild Favorite thing about yourself: im fucking crazy. What would you change about yourself (other than acne): i would be much less inhibited and do whatever i feel like doing at any time of the day Favorite movie: Love Actually Favorite book: The Poseidon Adventure What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): a geologist..hopefully i am on my way Sports other interests: painting, soccer, thats pretty much it Compare yourself
  11. I think you are totally right achick but it's soooo hard. My boyfriend has never seen me without makeup on and I have been with him for seven months. Every night i wear makeup to bed and I know its the worse thing I can do for my skin but I just cant face it. He also has the most perfect skin and I know it wouldnt make a diference to him if i wasnt wearing it but i just feel so ugly and i know i would be trying to hide my face all night. i tried wearing just concealer to hide the big ones and i
  12. Hey guys, I keep reading about moisturrisers with AHA in them but I have no idea what AHA is. I have alot of red marks so Im guesing it might help me but where do I buy it from. Are there different brands? And how long would you wait after starting the regien to try it? I have been on the regimen for just over a week.Thanks!
  13. Hey, Do NOT squeeze your spots under any circumstances if you do not want scarring. Trust me, I have done it and now have a faceful of scars.
  14. aloe vera is supposed too be really good for sunburn as it soothes and speeds up healing. Make sure the stuff u r using is 100% though because anything they add to it may cause irritation.
  15. if the acne is just around ur jaw area i would say that it probably is to do with shaving. My ex used to get alot of whiteheads after he shaved but if you leave it it should go in a while but definately switch razors.