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  1. I can't believe i actually sat and read thru that!
  2. I apply once a day only. If more, it dries my skin and makes me flaky. I apply morning though. I don't get pimples at all, only 1 or 2 every now and then. Used to have mild - moderate leading to worse before.
  3. Not really conceited at all, because you are good looking as others have said. Best of luck on the regimen my friend!
  4. If you're using bp too close to your eyes, this does happen, try not using bp there and just moisturising, it worked for me. and crows feet!? i got no clue. anyone want to help out?
  5. Hey there big boy, I concur with this post 1000%!
  6. I recommend asking for a full refund & if they refuse, talk to your consumers watch-dog! Consumers have the right!! Theres a big diff. between best before and expired. So don't risk it! It says expired, therefore, it could be a bad idea using it.
  7. I touch my face alot...I think I'll chop off my fingers...then grow it back later after
  8. When I train muay thai, shaolin, tkd sessions, I sweat a bucketload. I normally get a clean dry towel and just lightly pat my face to get rid of the sweat. It doesn't cause me any pimples at all (both drying the sweat and actually sweating). If anything, I think it makes my face look a lot better.
  9. I put it on every morning. I avoid using it around my eyes and on my neck and chin and the area between my eyes and my nosebridge (is it called t-zone? it sure as heck looks like a t to me). I then apply a moisturiser with spf. I use olay facial moisturiser with spf in mornings, i apply this over whole face! Hey thats good ur not getting any new pimples! I'm way past the 2 month mark. I've been on it for like around 6+ months (i haven't been counting lol, but i started around the week i joined
  10. I'd say give it one more week to see if what happens. Is your face burning red? Or just more pimples? I read around the forum saying that it culd be the bp getting rid of the developing acne from underneath your skin thats why it causes these breakouts. If your face is very red and puffy, yup, you're allergic. If not, try sticking to it to see if the pimples start clearing after the initial breakout. When I stopped (like 4 months ago), my pimples came back (worst mistake ever!). I started usi
  11. I think the pen is mainly used for preventing a pimple from getting worse (when one is very small and starting to develop). That's when it works best for me. As for a very large pimple, I have doubts that it'll work. My t-zone (I think thats what ppl call it, the area between eyes and nose bridge) & my nose used to have breaking out pimples (i don't use BP on those places), so I just use my pen, gradually you'll see results. I'm quite satisfied (the area used to have pimples clustered tog
  12. Great post DebonAir. It just about sums up everything. Although I might add that, if you don't live in USA, it might not be a good idea to send it back if it doesn't work as you only get refunded the cost of the pen and not the shipping costs (stated similarly, its like paying $US40 just to try a pen). One of the reasons, I now have 2 pens :S
  13. Whoa! I better keep my eyes peeled for mine. I'd say the first step would be to talk to lumiport management. maybe they would provide some compensation? (worth a shot) Message the lumiport guy or email them. Thats pretty dangerous good luck with ur case buddy.
  14. Maybe it depends on how hard you touch it. A while a go, when i started using bp, it made me itchy. I started scratching away at various places. I think a while later, i got pimples in exactly those spots that i scratched (sounds obvious but yea)