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    so i've been wondering when is the most effective time during the day to put on the AHA+. I am currently on the fourth week of Dan's regime and i spot treat it in between cleanser and BP at night..anyone got any super success with a certain amount of time with the AHA?
  2. i have bout 3 moles on my face from maybe excessive sun exposure? anyways, after being on Dan's regime for 3 weeks, i've noticed some moles getting darker and more obvious..i have not been going out in the sun and if i do i always put on spf 45 sunscreen. Is it possible that any of the products in Dan's regime including the AHA+ increases the size of moles? or am i completely wrong (which i hope hope hope i am cuz i love dan's regime)
  3. i hear oil absorbing sheets break you out...
  4. so currently i am following Dan's regime pretty strictly with the morning cleansing, bp, and moisturizing and same thing for the night MINUS the moisturizing because i figured my skin is okay with just moisturizing once a day. HOWEVER, i was wondering if it is okay to just use dan's cleanser during the day when my face gets more oily with no other product directly following the cleanser. Will this "wash out" the BP i absorbed into my face in the morning? thank you!
  5. i've noticed that in Dan's video, he just seems to put the foamed cleanser on his entire face and not touch it at all while letting the water wash it. However, all the other foaming products i've used before tells me to rub it into my face in circular motions gently. Anyone know which one will help reduce acne better? i feel that if i gently rub my face, i "kill" the bacteria and cleanse better but i could just be wrong.
  6. if my skin does not flake and is seemingly in good health after the BP, is it NECESSARY to moisturize? if so, what exactly does moisturizing do to stop new acne?
  7. question: do you apply aha RIGHT after bp? then wait 5-10 minutes and moisturize?
  8. dan seems to put BP all over even though his skin is clear?
  9. i'm usually quite rushed in the mornings and its hard to for me to wait 10-15 minutes after the cleansing and BP, is it okay to apply BP 2-3 minutes after cleanser and maybe moisterizing 5-7 minutes after BP? or is waiting for skin to COMPLETELY dry essential to regime.
  10. when i rub in the BP gel and moisturizer as shown in Dan's video, i'm still skeptical about if it's fully absorbed in or not..how does one tell? also, is it okay to use retin-a in the regime?
  11. i've been hearing a lot about jojoba oil and how it moisterizes the skin especially if it is wrinkly and shedding...after i take a shower, sometimes my skin is like that and no moisterizers tend to help...for those that do use jojoba oil which one do you recommend? please link me so i can see price and buy..thanks!
  12. im 17..whats a good jojoba oil to use on my forehead wrinkle? also i heard good face masks make the pores of the face clean and the face shine...anyone know any good face masks?
  13. there is a line on my forehead that won't go away...i used to have a lot of pimples around my forehead but now that they have cleared there is only a wrinkle on my forehead that wont seem to go away no matter how much moisterizer i put on it. Is there anyway to get rid of it? Also, my forehead skin still doesn't feel smooth like the other parts of my face...it appears to be clear but as i brush my fingers across the surface, it feels bumpy..help anyone?
  14. i know this is kind of off topic but this is the only section i think has any relativity regarding over-the-counter products. So i have really light skin and i do not tan easily. Do you guys/gals know any good lotions out there that will naturally enhance the skin while outside tanning to produce a darker, longer lasting tan? If so, please link me, thanks a lot!!