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  1. I'm also looking for something to help with little bumps and redness. I've been off accutane for 2 months as well. And it's been great (except a little red pimple appearing on my cheek yesterday). I'm too scared to try facials or masks (even natural ones) in case it causes a reaction to my sensitive skin, so if anyone has any advice, i'd also like to hear it
  2. I had back pain on Roaccutane. I also had the 'weird' feelings. I thought maybe it'd change me forever (after getting paranoid from reading articles on the internet) but safe to say, i completed my treatment over a month ago and feel perfectly normal and sane again. Feeling exactly how I was before i took the treatment - minus the pimples. I guess as others said, it's up to you if you want to continue, or discuss woth your derma whether to lower your dosage. Just try to have someone to t
  3. Hi Allegra77! Don't give up! It sounds like the type of acne you had was similar to mine. It wasn't severe but it was bad enough to cause stress and frustrations when getting ready to go out in public. Last month I finished 6 months on Roaccutane. I would definitely recommend it. It wasn't an easy journey but well worth it as all my active spots are gone and my skin feels so smooth (it still weird to feel my own face without bumps!). Of course your Derma will know best when he looks a
  4. PS - that red mark on my left cheek... that's from picking out a blackhead (obviously with the wrong tool). Months ago! Learnt my lesson and leaving blackheads alone now!!
  5. Day 186: Here it is! I completed 6 months a few weeks ago. My derma has prescribed Differin to use as a topical treatment every night. He said the effect is the same as Roaccutane and that it will help diminish visible pores and blemishes, making my skin look all shiny and new. I now use Differin every night after cleansing my face. In the mornings I cleanse and then use Bioscreen's anti-redness cream. It's so weird to see so many freckles on my face. I knew they've always been there. Bu
  6. Start date: Tuesday 18 Feb 2014
  7. Day 120: Nothing new to report much anymore. Month 4 and it feels like forever that I've been taking it. Good news is that from month 3, my skin really cleared up. But now that the pimples are gone it is only the redness that remains. I still need to use concealer to cover it up under my makeup.
  8. Mine is like yours. Smooth but redness is still pretty bad. At least no active pimples though!!
  9. You may feel like this and start to avoid people, but don't lose touch with your close friends and family. Their support will definitely help you through it.
  10. Thanks for your reply - I did call up my derma a month or so ago, and tell him that i'm feeling more depressed than usual (coz it's something that i suffered in the past), and he said he could lower my dosage to 30MG instead of 40MG (According to my weight i should prob be on 30MG anyway). He also said since it's working well with my skin, it's up to me to decide if I want to or not. Thanks for replying... I have 2.5 months to go. Initially when I started to feel 'different' I thought, 'ke
  11. This is not an Accutane log, and not really emotional and psychological effects of 'acne'. More like emotional and psychological of Accutane. I know it's something that you read about before starting the treatment but it's getting so unbearable. I'm four months into my treatment and it's going great. All my active acne has disappeared and I'm left with redness which is easy to hide under make up. But in the last four months I've become withdrawn and depressed. I avoid social interaction at al
  12. My mum used to get me to put aloe vera on my pimples but i feel like it didn't work (they were active and crazy and all). But i think she had her info wrong and it must be something that only works on REDNESS, not active spots. So i'm going to go shopping for an aloe vera plant tonight! PS- i don't trust aloe vera products at all. I always seem to get a rash with i use stuff 'with aloe vera' ie deodorants, shaving creams. But the plant itself never gave me issues. Plus it's so nice and o
  13. Looking good. I don't have an answer. But I'm kind of in the same boat. 3-4 months in and waiting for the redness to disappear. Interested to see what has happened with others.
  14. Day 94: Been a while but that's because there have been no changes. SKin is still clear except for the redness surrounding old pimples. I flew to Australia last week (Autumn/Winter) and gladly the change in climate (from 40 degrees here to approx 16 degrees there) didn't run havoc on my skin as usual.
  15. Day 79: Very happy with the progress so far. No new pimples in the last week. That nasty whitehead above my lip went away (I might have poked it away) but it didn't come back. I had a persistent blackhead on my cheek which I decided to pick out. It left a little scab for a couple of days but eventually washed off. Now I just have redness where the spots used to be so will patiently wait for that to disappear. Maybe my body is finally used to the Roaccutane in my system but my mind is feeling