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    very impressed. (my skin is clear)
    im very impressed with lymecycline. within a week it has seems to have completely switched off my adult acne and completely cleared my facial redness. as it has also stopped my body over producing sebum, making my pores shrink. 5/5

    By username110,

    good for adult acne & redness.
    most products make me break out and turn my skin bright red but pure tea tree oil seems to work quite well. only been a short time but my skin is calming down quite a bit. ( killing my demodex mites?) make sure to try pure tea tree oil only. downside- smells strong

    By username110,

    5 stars
    5 stars from me. i've had bad redness from years of acne marks and in a short amount of time, lemon juice has really lighten up my skin / post acne marks & i feel a lot more confident as my skin looks sort of "normal" with no redness. im still learning about using lemon juice topically but i currently leave it on my skin over night. - if you want to try this treatment, i would do some research first. (some people recommend using it overnight, some say 10 mins max and others say u

    By username110,

    only use a very small amount...
    ive been using sudocrem on and off for many years. i use a very small amount on my problem areas when my skin is dry as most moisturisers cause me redness. in my experience it can cause some spots and under the skin lumps due to pores getting blocked but doesn't cause redness. hard to remove from face, you cant wash it off easily (almost needs to be scrubbed off). it also doesn't blend into skin, so not a product you want to wear outside the house.

    By username110,

    treatment for a certain type of acne
    ive read nizoral works for many people with fungal acne/small skin bumps but in my experience it causes nasty redness and irritation (i have sensitive skin). IMO its a treatment for a certain type of acne. this product not for everyone.

    By username110,

    good soap.
    IMO unlike other soaps. i think this is brand is currently the best soap for sale at the moment which can clean your face, reduce oil and not cause any nasty redness. i would recommend using this soap along with a weaker, 2.5 or 5% bp cream

    By username110,