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    1. as we go forward into this new year. i just wanted to say my thoughts are with everyone who is currently suffering with acne/skin problems. i might not know you but i know what your going though, so i wish you the best and stay strong.
    2. not for everyone but exfoliation helps for me.
    3. i believe there is lots of products available if your goal is to smooth out your skin. i dont want to give you any incorrect information, i would recommend doing a google search. there is some good info here on scars: https://www.acne.org/acne-scar-treatment.html
    4. i know this is not what you want to hear but i dont really see a problem. maybe some blocked pores / closed comedones?
    5. like you said it could be fungal? fungal acne spreads, can be caused by heat/sweating and can sometimes be itchy. from what ive read fungal skin problems will not respond to standard acne treatments or creams. if it is a fungal problem maybe your doctor could prescribe you a cream to clear it up?
    6. i vaguely remember hearing something about certain foods being high in types of vitamins which are bad for acne prone skin. i could be wrong but i think spinach was meant to high in iodine which is bad for people with acne. i think there is some good information online if you do a google search.