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  1. sounds like dried sebum which your body is trying to excrete from your pores. yes, i suffered with this problem for a long time. my body is prone to over producing sebum, resulting in acne. a current drug im taking called Lymecycline is helping alot. other than asking for your doctor for help, the only 3 things i know which reduce sebum production is avoiding drinking milk, avoiding fizzy drinks ( cocal-cola etc) and vitamins..like vitamin d / zinc etc.
  2. sounds like bacteria got into the pore and caused a whitehead? is that correct?
  3. it does not look like standard acne, it could be a skin problem called folliculitis(?) but i am not sure. talk to your doctor/gp as they will be able to identify this problem better and give you some medicine to treat it. keep us updated.
  4. im currently taking Lymecycline (1 tablet a day) and its working well for me. it seems to have completely switched off my adult acne. my facial redness has gone and my pores on my face have shrunk. im unsure if this drug would of worked when i was younger as doxycycline did nothing for me (i tried 3 different courses, a very long time ago) but having said that, back then my my diet was extremely poor, i would consume large amounts of sugar, fizzy drinks (2L of coca-cola daily) and milk - s
  5. very impressed. (my skin is clear)

    im very impressed with lymecycline. within a week it has seems to have completely switched off my adult acne and completely cleared my facial redness. as it has also stopped my body over producing sebum, making my pores shrink. 5/5
  6. not for everyone but exfoliation helps for me.
  7. i believe there is lots of products available if your goal is to smooth out your skin. i dont want to give you any incorrect information, i would recommend doing a google search. there is some good info here on scars: https://www.acne.org/acne-scar-treatment.html
  8. i know this is not what you want to hear but i dont really see a problem. maybe some blocked pores / closed comedones?
  9. like you said it could be fungal? fungal acne spreads, can be caused by heat/sweating and can sometimes be itchy. from what ive read fungal skin problems will not respond to standard acne treatments or creams. if it is a fungal problem maybe your doctor could prescribe you a cream to clear it up?
  10. i vaguely remember hearing something about certain foods being high in types of vitamins which are bad for acne prone skin. i could be wrong but i think spinach was meant to high in iodine which is bad for people with acne. i think there is some good information online if you do a google search.
  11. true but its mainly due to the way other people treat us.
  12. acne around the mouth and chin can be caused by many things but some people see improvements switching to a SLS free toothpaste. if your shaving, acne around the beard can be caused by using a razor and shaving foam.. personally i cant use a razor or i will break out. i use an electric foil razor - no need for shaving creams or foams and i don't break out from shaving anymore... but if your talking about spots in your beard, that could be something like folliculitis? if you wa
  13. a Dermatologist will give you a better idea of your problem. im not an expert but it looks like a mixture of post acne marks and a reaction to a soap/cream? do you have sensitive skin?
  14. its hard to say because were all different but in my experience, in the past i would constantly have whiteheads/infections around the crease of my nose and chin, i found out it was caused by using the wrong type of soap and products on my face. after switching to a minimal type of regiment - not over washing, no harsh soaps or creams, my skin calmed down greatly. (some foods/drinks can make acne worse like milk for example) some basic things you can try - vitamins for acne