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  1. you need to be proactive and help yourself. google and this forum are your friends. i recommend doing as much research as possible to understand acne, so you can correctly treat yourself. painful under the skin lumps can be due to blocked pores & diet - instead of coming to the surface, the bacteria goes down under the skin, causing lumps and redness. make sure your not eating or drinking anything that is triggering hormonal acne. and have a look at your skin care products / makeup. something might be making your skin worse. ( if you use makeup, try non comedogenic makeup )
  2. like klessard said, probably either dermatitis or a type of fungal/yeast problem. not acne. a doctor would be best but a chemist will be able to advice the correct type of cream you would need.
  3. this is something i keep wondering about.. from my teens till my mid 20s.. on and off, i was given lots of different, strong acne creams by my doctor... which probably did kill off my spots but caused horrific redness, which still looked like acne. ive been off medicated creams / BP for about 8 years but i still have very sensitive and often red skin. does anyone know, is there is a link between acne creams and long term skin damage/redness? i would be interested in hearing any views or personal experiences.
  4. MrBakery

    Does anyone know what this is? Red lump

    doctors can be useless at times. do a search on protein shakes and acne. some if the stuff they put in that stuff including milk can cause spots in some people.
  5. MrBakery

    Does anyone know what this is? Red lump

    it could be a cyst? when a pore gets blocked, Instead of coming to the surface, the Infection goes under the skin. when they are small, its best to never squeeze them, the infection will only spread under the skin, the lump will get larger and stay around longer. cysts can be caused by diet, bad soaps/creams (in some cases, ive read about Fluoride in toothpaste causing cysts/ spots around the mouth)
  6. MrBakery

    6 year severe bacne ):

    this sounds like Pityrosporum folliculitis? google it
  7. i really depends on your skin type and how you treat it. ive had post acne "damage" last from 1 to 3 weeks
  8. in my experience, thats just natural acne damage, somewhat like a cut, which normally heals after a few weeks/months. (if you dont want these types of marks, dont pick your spots) but there is a good product i use some times called savlon advanced healing gel, it helps with healing and reduces likelihood of scarring.
  9. MrBakery

    Help. Advice needed!!

    edit (just re-read your post) have you tried vitamins? i myself saw good result taking vitamin c and zinc (i know others say vitamin D is the key) but it takes a few weeks to see good results.
  10. im not saying dont go on accutane but you should definitely research it and read some of the threads before trying. acne is quite a complex disease. you might need to do a lot of research and trial and error before you find products and treatment that works for you. going by what you said, you might want to start by googling: diet and acne non comedogenic makeup and acne nizoral / head & shoulders and acne
  11. MrBakery

    Trying to figure out the term for...

    its just hardened sebum. when your body over produces sebum, it can cause problems resulting in blocked pores. this could be due to your genetics, diet or using the wrong products on your face.
  12. MrBakery

    Help. Advice needed!!

    there is also a theory that people with skin problems (acne) have too much bacteria on their face and products like head&shoulders or nizoral which are anti-baterial, help keep acne/skin problems under control. research before trying.
  13. MrBakery

    Help. Advice needed!!

    personally i think there is 2 parts to helping treat acne. internal (what we eat/drink) and external (how we treat our skin - bad creams/soaps etc) im not going to comment on the products your using but i will say research post acne marks and acne & diet. some people see great results from completely removing milk, fizzy drinks and sugar from their diet. - google it.
  14. MrBakery

    10 years of Acne.

  15. MrBakery

    Rough, bumpy, leathery forehead texture

    normally this problem is either milia or folliculitis and is quite common.