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  1. MrBakery

    Why did my acne return?

    im not a doctor but what klessard says makes sense. acne is a complex disease and there is multiple different causes. ive read about bad gut bacteria, skin bacteria, diet, hormonal or even a vitamin imbalance being the cause of acne. have you researched any of these subjects?
  2. your before images are very similar to fungal acne and ive read african black soap can help treat that type of problem. there is lots of different types and causes of acne.. imo there is no one cure for all.
  3. its hard to say and it depends on your skin type. in my case (i have sensitive skin) i find using water only does make a great improvement.
  4. MrBakery

    Think I have perioral dermatitis...

    im not saying you have it but ive read online that itchy skin can be a sign of a fungal/yeast acne problem(?) can you visit a dermatologist?
  5. i can understand why you would think that as i use to think the same but its far more likely your experiencing breakouts due to how you treat your skin, what products your using and your diet. - if your doing or using the wrong products .. even going to the gym or going for a run is going to cause you breakouts. might not work for you but some things that helped me: stop drinking/eating milk and dairy. using a SLS free sensitive soap (i use Johnson baby soap & only was
  6. MrBakery

    Feeling like a freak

    im the same age and have had a similar experience to you with my GP. i use to go back and forward to my GP for years (teens till late 20s) for acne medicine and creams. the last time i talked to a GP about my acne was about 5 or 6 years ago. ive never really had a deadicated GP but this one (a lady) shouted at me down the phone because i wanted to ask if i could up my dose of acne medicine because it wasn't working. ive never tried accutane but in my option acne creams and pill
  7. folliculitis? im not an expert but from what i understand, fungal problems do not respond to acne creams or washes. for folliculitis they say you need a mild anti-fungal wash like nizrol. google it.
  8. ive read different theories about this... hormonal, diet, vitamin imbalance , demodex mites, folliculitis, excessive face touching, using the wrong products.. ive even read SLS in toothpaste can cause chin acne etc all i can say is my skin calmed down when i stopped using harsh products/soaps, minimal face washing and stopped drinking milk ..personally i think your best bet is to do some research online (here/ google/ youtube) and find something which works for you. you might want to s
  9. what was your mineral imbalance? vitamin d? https://www.acne.org/forums/topic/292295-feels-like-i-have-won-the-lottery/?tab=comments#comment-3059123
  10. sorry i wouldn't know. it could quite simply be that your using the wrong soap or face wash? - i know if i use the wrong product, it can cause me problem / spots,
  11. there is something called folliculitis that mimics acne but is not. maybe niko123 might want to google it.
  12. MrBakery

    What do I do????

    there is many different types of acne, do you know what type you have?
  13. MrBakery


    sounds like good advice. i have to keep reminding myself, as have very sensitive skin and if i pick or scratch a spot, it causes quite a lot of damage and redness.
  14. MrBakery

    Acne ruined my social life

  15. MrBakery

    Adulting with acne

    i feel the same way. im in my 30s and have missed out on quite a lot compared to others. 3 things i would say about acne. the longer you have acne, the worse your skin becomes - due to post acne marks / damage. you get zero sympathy from others as acne is almost seen as a self inflicted illness. and people with acne suffer mental health and low self esteem problems, not because of a few red spots but because of how people treat us and years of bullying (mainly at sc