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  1. I'll keep going with it, just so annoyed with it, just as you think you're getting somewhere, bam. Have 2 at the top of my nose, and 4-5 on forehead, and 2 on chin...
  2. I just getting a bit fed up of it, had about 2 weeks no new spots, and the old ones slowly disappearing, but one massive break out, about 6 spots now... I also have these little white pimples by my chin, don't hurt, any idea as to what they might be?
  3. Hey guys, So annoying! Ive had a cluster of acne break out on my forehead, and it's really doing my head in! I was nearly at a point where it was starting to go, even the older marks were slowly but gradually disappearing, but now a cluster of 3-4 have broken out. I am not sure what to do, I stick to the regimen, and usually the only time I don't apply is Friday night, just to give the skin a break... Please help!
  4. Any other advice? Should I continue with it? Dryness is really annoying, and it doesn't seem to be improving, it's now pretty clear, but getting one active all the time! So frustrating.
  5. Hey guys, 11 weeks in, dry flaky skin, and still 1 active spot at all times... How can I stop the flaky skin? When are the spots going to stop coming, starting to loose hope.... Cheers.
  6. Once It settles down, and it clears up, does it stop breakouts almost completely?
  7. No itching, just really dry skin! Jojaba helps, a bit. Just annoyed that I got it somewhere near, and now worse than ever again!
  8. Hey guys, Been using The Regimen religiously for 4 weeks, and still getting acne. It cleared up for a bit, last week and now its worse than ever again! It's made my skin really dry, think I started with the treatment too quickly, too much too quickly. Anyway, starting to manage the dryness, but acne still causing a problem! Cheers!