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  1. Lasers can definitely improve scars, I wouldn't immediately dismiss them because beautiful ambition told you they dont work. I went through two rounds of mixto laser and my scarring is pretty unnoticeable now, started off much worse than yours.
  2. Its kind of up to the people claiming it does work to provide proof of it doing so, so how about linking some threads that have pictures showing actual progress from microneedling?
  3. You'll never see before and after pics from someone who claims to have good results from needling
  4. its so mild that anything other than chemical peels would be overkill and not worth it imo
  5. honestly looks like a dimple I wouldn't even think that was due to cortisone atrophy if you hadn't said it
  6. Shave that facial hair bro and dont worry about the scars they are tiny
  7. Yea microneedling is definitely bullshit and I wouldn't bother tattooing it. Did you get subcision when you got your fillers?
  8. I'm not trying to attack you I'm trying to be honest with you, probably something that you need more of. The reality is that you're being way too hard on yourself for having a scar on your forehead. Literally no one would be off-put by a scar like that, I see people with similar ones all the time. I can't blame you for wanting to fix it but you're clearly letting it control your life and it's ridiculous. You say you "appreciate honesty over these hypocricies" but people are giving you the hon
  9. Reading through your post history makes it sound like you have some horribly disfigured face, and this is what you're so concerned about? It doesn't even look like an acne scar, it looks like you fell off your bike or something. You posted this a while ago; "Thanks. This scar has already cost me thousands of dollars. Thousands. Both on treatment that hasn't worked and psychiatric therapy because of the emotional pain that I am suffering from. I had such a fabulous life before this. I w
  10. Oh my god I assure you no one notices or cares about that tiny little insignificant scar. Stop spending money on it and enjoy your life.
  11. meeeehhhh I know its hard to see from an outside perspective but your skin really isnt that bad. I wouldnt think much of it if I saw you walking down the street.
  12. 5x microneedling and 1 IPL costed you 8k? There has to be a typo in there somewhere