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  1. i used it. i was relatively successful with it, but i found it to be a hassle. the smell when you first put it on is awful, and you will smell like that for a decent time until it goes away. plus it's a little irritating and can cause a little bit extra redness or dryness. overall, effective against pimples though, helpful with drying out whiteheads especially.
  2. it helps with all acne. that's why it's the regimen to get clear skin.
  3. if you're not asking questions directly applying to the acne.org regimen, please do not post in the section. are you applying moisturizer to your nose?
  4. no, with the regimen it's best to stick with the essentials. and you shouldn't think about adding anything extra until you're clear.
  5. if you do BP as a spot treatment, then you're only treating that area and another area will get a pimple, and then you'll have to spot treat that, and so on and so forth. spot treating is really just something you use as an extra, like at night or something, or if you might be someone like me, as i usually don't get acne anymore and if i do it's one or two pimples that aren't worth using BP all over the face for. for BP to work fully, you put BP over acne prone areas. if it's acne prone, put BP
  6. i've never tried duac so i can't say anything from personal experience. but i would imagine it'd be fine. i'm not sure why that dries quicker for you, but if it does, give it a shot. i'm sure it won't have too much of a difference.
  7. have you tried putting the BP on and then sitting in front of a fan? that's what i used to do during my school in the mornings. my face was dry enough for moisturizer in five minutes, sometimes less.
  8. the question doesn't make sense, simply because if you had 100 million dollars, you'd pretty much be able to afford the best nutritionists/skin care people/etc. in the entire world. i doubt if i had 100 million dollars i wouldn't find a way to achieve mostly clear skin.
  9. cetaphil was the best i had ever used when i was on the regimen, especially the sensitive kind.
  10. any other details you can share to shed some light? exactly what products are you using? are you experiencing any other side effects, like dryness or anything? fill me in a bit more and i'd be glad to share my advice
  11. there's always a thing such as too much. however, if you're able to rub in the moisturizer effectively in a minute or so, you're using the right amount. i'd only say you're using too much if it's ten minutes in and you're still trying to rub it in or get it to absorb.
  12. acne doesn't just form right then and there. a zit doesn't just appear on your face, and that's the first time it's ever been in your skin. acne takes a week or even two to form. you not masterbating for 4 days proves absolutely nothing, ESPECIALLY since the second week you broke out. the problem with all of this talk is to really get a good sense of how it affects your skin, you need to not masterbate for months. a week or two proves absolutely nothing in how something reacts to your ski
  13. i hate to tell you, but since i'm not the first, you smell bad. you do. if you don't shower for three or four days, you smell. maybe not BAD, but you do. you won't be able to smell it, a lot of people can't sometimes smell themselves. and maybe some people who don't have very sensitive noses can smell it, but i'd be willing to bet at least one or two people you've come into contact with have questioned what that smell was.
  14. moved to the skin picking section, for obvious reasons. Picking Advice here's some help from a page on the acne.org website. maybe you'll find some help here.
  15. are you asking if anyone's tried jojoba oil? i did for a time when i was on the regimen and struggling with dryness during the wintertime. did a good job of moisturizing and keeping me flake-free. i see no reason why you couldn't try it on your back as well.
  16. i would never recommend BP without moisturizing. even if you can't see it on the layer of your skin on the outside, it is drying it out. and drying out your face just isn't good for acne, and can cancel out the good effects BP is supposed to be having.
  17. it's moved to help you though, it really is. not just for organization purposes, but there are posters who only go in one or two sections, the sections that are related to their case and the ones that they can properly discuss and help out with. if you post in severe acne about rosacea, you're not going to get hardly any responses. i've always noticed some posts don't really get attention until they're moved to the subject they should be in, because the people who regularly visit that area fin
  18. moved to nutrition and holistic health, as it has nothing to do with the acne.org regimen. and i agree with what's written above. the logic and studies are there. in the non-weirdest way i can say it, keep on masturbating.
  19. regimen twice a day is ultimately the best solution. i'd only say otherwise if you only had like 3 or four hours between applications, but 7.5-8 is a pretty hefty amount of time.
  20. well, if it feels dry and blood has hardened on the sides, it's probably no good to try and pop again. what i usually notice with failed popped pimples is one of two things will happen. you might have gotten enough of it, or just caused it to bruise, and that's all it's going to do. but then there's the other kind, which over the next day or so, the pus really does start to build, and then it turns into a bigger pustule that will probably hurt to the touch. as for right now, it sounds like you
  21. do you change anything at all from the summer to fall? diet, lifestyle, etc.?
  22. are you at least doing something to treat the acne you're getting? i used to get more acne in the winter, i think it was just because my skin was dryer though.
  23. took this one to the mild to moderate acne section. seems like a decent enough place for this. anyway, i've never had a correlation with the two, but my forehead has never been something that was a problem for me. if you feel it's an issue, maybe switch shampoos, see if that makes a difference.
  24. eh, i personally don't think that's too good of an idea. that just sounds like a lot for your skin to handle.
  25. how do you stay clear after ANY acne treatment? that's not just a question for the regimen, it's for anything. if you are treating your acne with something, and it's working, it's working BECAUSE you're using it, it doesn't just wipe out acne and you'll never have to worry about it again. i used BP for about four years, i was on the regimen for about two. eventually, after being clear for like a year, i thought "hey, maybe that's just my body now, maybe i've grown out while on the treatment."