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  1. Terrible sunscreen

    Within a day I got painful under the skin blemishes and I mean painful! The type that takes over a week to go and away. If you have acne prone skin, I advise you to avoid this sunscreen like the plague. It includes acne causing ingredients. I'm glad I'm on the Acne.org regimen to take care of the mess this sunscreen caused. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Other cons include it pilling like you're shedding skin. 
  2. I think it's best to revisit and make sure you are doing exactly what the regimen entails. Are you gently handling your skin? This was a big one for me and once I adjusted my technique to be very light (almost non-existant), my skin was much better.
  3. The BP will pull the acne deep within the skin. It will seem like you are breaking out again but continue with the regimen and you will notice you will start clearing.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, mikepepsi. I've actually been using AHA+ for over a year now consistently and my skin seems to have grown used to it. In fact, my skin looks very even the next day when I apply it. If I use too much BP sometimes, my skin gets dry and flaky. The AHA really helps with the texture. I apply jojoba first and then I apply a penny size amount of AHA all over my face. Any more than that and it just irritates my skin. All in all, my breakouts seemed to have gone away with the AH
  5. I've been using Jojoba for 3 years now and my skin loves it. It's definitely not that.
  6. Thanks, guys. Iggs - I apply a pea sized amount. I've been doing it every other day (too much?). I hope the sides of my nose are just purging otherwise the AHA does not agree with my nose... Lol. I apply it after I apply moisturizer or jojoba. KLM15 - It seems to be agreeing with the rest of my face except my nose... I'm hoping it's just purging.
  7. When did acne first become a problem? When did it get better/worse? Started around 16-17 years old. It got worse when I hit my 20s. What sort of acne do you have? Mild acne. I used to have an oily forehead. On my chin, I get 1-2 zits per month (hormonal). When I stress, I get tiny bumps on my cheeks. I rarely get any acne on my forehead. What other problems do you currently have? I stress very easily. Why do YOU think you have acne? Mostly hormonal and stress-related but I have a fee
  8. I really don't think going on Accutane is worth it for the amount of acne you have, but that's just me. Have you tried the Regimen?
  9. I do agree that diet DOES have a connection with skin but I don't think that it is the ROOT cause of acne. Acne can be hormonal or because your skin is too dry or too oily.
  10. Hey guys. I started the AHA+ about a week ago (pea sized amount - it goes a long way seems like). After about a week of using it, I noticed a few bumps developing top of my forehead, and the crevices on the sides of my nose (nostrils too), I usually don't break out much in those areas so I'm thinking it's a purge. But then again, I am not 100% sure because around the same time I began AHA, it was my time of month, and I usually get a few hormonal spots. Anyway, I gave myself a 3 day break from A
  11. I believe water is a good addition to keeping your skin and body hydrated, although I wouldn't rely on water completely. Having a good regimen is also important. I began drinking 8 glasses of water a day about a year ago and I've noticed my skin is more even. Everytime I have sweets, 2 days later I tend to get pimples.
  12. That's interesting. I hope they didn't change anything...
  13. Thanks, Like Moonlight. I'm pretty much sold. I am hoping my skin will react to it well. I have very mild acne, usually only when I stress or time of month, but for some reason if I get 1-2 pimples on my cheek, the red mark tends to linger for more than a month. I am hoping this will speed up the process as I absolutely hate wearing concealer other than under my eyes.
  14. Thank you for the quick response, Like Moonlight. I think I will order it from acne.org because I really trust them. I own everything else from them and my sensitive skin loves the products. So onto my other question, how often do you apply it? and how much? to see a noticeable difference? Thanks so much.