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  1. DON'T POP it OMG Red PAINFUL dot? Don't dear just let it be and apply medications to make it dry.
  2. Baby Mitchel if you don't have any debit/credit card you can order thru JAC and opt for their "CARD-FREE SHOP AND SHIP" service. You tell them what you want to buy and they buy and ship it to you. You pay for and get the item(s) (shipping cost included) at their Philippine branch. Saves you from using credit card of if you don't have any. See baby that's how I love you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA joke -_- HAHAHAHA Adrian2014 -_-
  3. Well first of all let me just say I think you're cute LOL -_- Okay Well I'm pretty sure you can change your method of payment to CASH/CHECK/MONEY OREDER. So baby mitchel you can order thru cash. Oh wait. Can he? Adrian2040? Lol
  4. Hi, I had my package successfully delivered to me here in the Philippines using JAC. If you want, I have an unused Acne.Org's 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide/Treatment 16oz which I received last Feb. 28, 2014. If you're interested, just message me. Hi Thanks for the response. Sure if your BP is unused and is in a good condition. I am from Davao. I just messaged u check yo inbox.
  5. Hello. I am from the Philippines. I want to try acne.orgs products so baaaad :< I have been losing my confidence due to my acne I literally just wanna lock up inside my room and vanish! Please who can help me order without the risk of my order being barred in the customs. Preferably someone in the Philippines and has done it before. Any suggestions referrals whatsoever?
  6. LOL The come back of the acne after a success is really disheartening I feel you bro. How often do you shave? If your facial hair is pretty fast to grow then you have to shave at most everyday. Coz when you let it grow long when you shave it causes more irritation. And irritation = Acne. I won't recommend using a shaving cream coz most of them contain ingredients which irritate the skin. Use A gentle cleanser as shaving cream. Then shave along your hair line. Which is downwards to avoid irrtatio
  7. Oh my F** gosh. Having MILIA is the last thing I would ever want in my life ever. I had one before in the corner beside my eye and it looked like eye booger! So embarrassing. One thing about MILIA is that it gets bigger when just left hanging around your face. And it is really difficult to extract it since it made its way deep down into the skin. I tried to extract it with a comedone and the pain is just overpowering coz its deep down that I eventually just let it be. Most especially its near my
  8. OIL PULLING is really great. It is from the concept that the tongue is actually connected to all parts of the body. So your aim is to really clean the tongue so in return body goes with the cleansing. I use SESAME OIL. I am not sure why you are breaking out coz I have not experienced the same thing. Make sure you OIL PULL first thing when you wake up in the morning before you eat or drink. Make sure you gargle the oil until it achieves a thick and WHITE consistency. Please be sure it goes all wh
  9. OMG I am from Davao too. Please tell me where I can buy one as soon as you find one. Thanks HAHA