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  1. I have read through 30 pages of this, and I started doing this 2 days ago, so far the pores on my face, especially my nose, are really clogged. I decided to stop using products because nothing has ever worked, even water makes my skin itchy and red. But I have began to question whether or not this regime might work for me, because I have no cystic acne anymore just a weird infection looking thing on my face, that I have been having for 7 years, looks kind of like the dead skin mask all of you gu
  2. Yes, I'll try that seeing as how sunscreen and washing with water has been the only thing I have done in certain occasions and it still didn't help. Looks like papulopustular rosacea. IPL (a form of laser) is apparently helping. Before doing that, try 4% niacinamide in aloe vera base (you can make your own). It helps with acne as well. For the record, I have no medical qualifications. Thanks for the suggestions, but I have tried aloe vera and it seemed to make my face itch. Hmm, p
  3. No product, diet or supplement will fix my skin. I get no more cystic acne at all, but this weird problem persists. -bumpy, nasty, red, dirty looking -easily irritated...washing with water makes my skin red and itchy -premature aging -dull looking -greasy and dry I have no idea what it is...is it seb derm, is it rosacea, is it acne, is it an allergic reaction (for 7 years?? I doubt it). Derms don't help at all. They don't even examine my skin up close and personal, they take a quick look a
  4. Well my naturopath ordered the test from NeuroScience. According to the test guideline anything less than a 400 is insignificant, 400-600 is low, 600-1000 is moderate, and anything higher would be considered a high reaction. He told me I shouldn't worry to much about low reactions, and to continue eating the foods if I wished. He did tell me I could experiment, but its a bit hard because I am already on a gluten/dairy free diet. On another forum someone told me that IgG is just a reaction to the
  5. I just got my IgG test results back and apparently I have a low reaction to the following foods: egg whites, american cheese, cows milk, yogurt, shrimp, bakers yeast, brewers yeast, and I have a moderate reaction to aspergillus niger. Of those foods, I usually consume egg whites everyday for breakfast, and yogurt. According to my Naturopath a low reaction wasn't of much importance, and I could continue eating those foods comfortably. My question is could I?? Egg whites are a big part of my brea
  6. Hey guys I have been reading through the thread and I almost 100% sure I have seborrheic dermatits, because I also seem to have dandruff and no acne medication has ever worked. Here are some pics. Is ths SD? I have been having it for years. [Edited image out] [Edited image out] [Edited image out]
  7. Yea same here...in certain conditions or lighting my skin looks normal, still red but not wrinkled. But in certain lighting I look beat up, which sucks because I do the best to take care of myself.
  8. Your situation sounds just like mine except I am only 20. My skin looks very oily and greasy, but it looks like I'm wrinkled for some reason. Its really depressing especially when you are made fun of because of it. There has to be a cure, I just want to have normal smooth skin.
  9. I'm trying to get on a gluten free diet and did some research to compile a list of food I am going to buy tomorrow. Do any of the foods on my list look bad? sorry for the long list. -OMEGA 3 RICH EGGS -BLACK BEANS -EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL -LEMON JUICE -SEA SALT -PEPPER -AVOCADO -GOAT CHEESE -GREEN TEA -WHITE TEA -ONION -GARLIC -GROUND TURKEY -KALE -WALNUTS -PITTED PRUNES -MILLET -DRIED APRICOTS -SUNFLOWER SEEDS -CASHEWS -LEMON ZEST -HONEY -CIMINI MUSHROOMS -TOMATO -FRESH BASIL -SPINACH -APPLE CI
  10. I am planning on eliminating all gluten, bread, eggs and dairy for a while to see if it improves my skin, but I need help creating a shopping list. I also I plan on gaining muscle weight so I am going to need as much high calorie foods as possible. So far I have: -quinoa -brown rice -avacados -spinach -almonds -chicken breast -almond butter -steak -ground turkey Any other ideas?? I need high protein food, and if you have any ideas of supplements that could help both my skin and weight issues
  11. I plan on using a Rosacea Serum from GOW alongside the retinol product from the same company, but wasn't sure if I should. Here are the ingredients for each item: GOW Rosacea Seum Immortelle Hydrosol Sea Gel Compound Blend Calendula Infused Oil Oat Beta Glucans Panthenol B-5 Seabuckthorn Seed Co2 Extract Seabuckthorn Leaf Extract Azelaic Acid Derivative Malachite Elixir Mandelic Acid L-lysine Lecithin Optiphen GoW Vita ReSurface Cream 1% Rose Geranium Hydrosol Rice Bran Oil CP/Unrefined Sod
  12. Good point. I am not leaning completely towards that website but it has swayed me to purchase products with less chemicals and irritants, in hope that my vastly irritated face will bring itself to a calm state after repeated use of so much useless chemicals.
  13. http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/index.php ...and I got scared a little after realizing that many of the products I use may be cancerous. According to this retin-a ( listed as retonic acid ) has a high risk of causing cell mutation over time. What do you guys think? Is this reliable or is it just a bunch of bullshit to scare us.
  14. Yes, I am a male, but I don't know about that razor thing isn't that bad for the skin, especially while on retin-a?