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  1. sterrance

    Chemical Peel

    I got a chemical peel yesterday. (don't exactly know what kind) I can't use my prescription wash and stuff, am I going to break out?
  2. sterrance

    birth control and accutane

    Can't help but laugh at that one.
  3. sterrance

    Dry Eyelids?

    I just started some new medication about a week ago. I am on Doxycycline, Plexion cloths, and Differin Cream. The skin around my mouth usually drys out badly with medication, but for some reason, this medication doesn't do that. It dries out my eyelids. I have to put moisturizer on it, but that makes my eyes burn and water. Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do about it?
  4. sterrance

    Proactiv vs. Me Round 3?

    with my skin type, i don't need to be increasing the amount of bp any time soon. i think that's why Dan's regimen didn't work for me.
  5. sterrance

    Proactiv vs. Me Round 3?

    Thanks you guys. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Been kind of crazy, it's finals week and I'm packing for home. But... my skins doing fine, it's balanced out quite a bit and isn't as dry as it was. Nothing too exciting to say actually... sorry
  6. sterrance

    Delete my accont

    ewww, that's no good.
  7. sterrance

    Delete my accont

    you've posted quite a bit in the past couple of days...
  8. sterrance

    this happen to anyone else?

    yup, pretty much all of mine do that.
  9. sterrance

    temp flake fix

    I put my moisturizer on when my skin's still wet, that makes it better.
  10. sterrance

    my skin.

  11. sterrance

    Proactiv vs. Me Round 3?

    sorry about that Alright, skin update. Well... it's very dry around my mouth so I'm keeping the bp and stuff away from it for a while. I'm having a break out on my chin and little ones on my forehead (it seems like my forehead is always bumpy). Skin's looking ok though. Kind of irritated right now, I don't know why. *sigh* I hate the rollercoaster effect I get with my skin. Anyways, I have three weeks or so until my Derm appointment. Packing to go home's kind of sad. It sucks th
  12. sterrance

    Feel like the only one with Oily Skin!

    I'm sorry! I had such a huge problem with oily skin, hair, etc. My makeup would "melt off" of my face. Of course now my skin is so dry because of the bp I'm on (one extreme or the other). Anyways, Vitamin B5 really helps to reduce the amount of oil produced. It has really helped to keep it less oily and shiny during the day. I really hope you find something that works for you.
  13. since when are we an uber cult rather than the uber elite?
  14. sterrance

    Delete my accont

    what the heck? why does everyone want out? and why don't they just leave rather than making a big deal about it
  15. sterrance

    Red Acne Scars Information

    nope, she sure didn't pick them. and i doubt she's in the "vast minority"