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  1. what i did is eliminate dairy completely for at least 3 days, which was really really hard for me. then i introduce the food after the elimination period. i did this more than once, just to be sure. i honestly didn't want to admit i was allergic to dairy because i love it so much. my skin breaks out the next day after eating dairy. from not eating the dairy, my skin looks 100% better. a side effect of not eating any dairy is i'm much leaner also. my abs are more cut than they've ever been and i
  2. hey all, i first found this site about a year ago, that's when my skin first started to get really bad after being really clear for at least 3 years (so clear strangers would comment on how nice my skin was). But about a year ago i had a full-fledged acne beard. It was painful both emotionally and physically. I was so frustrated and nothing seemed to work. I went to the dermo, only to be disappointed by lack of results. So I started doing research and the dairy/acne link caught peaked my inter
  3. For me, it worked initially, but didn't last. I never had severe acne, just persistant acne. I went on acutane twice, and considered recently a third time, but my regimen is working wonders for me now. I attribute my success to my Jessners peel I got from my derm. It's awesome. I also use retin-a at night and a red tea serum in the day. Hormones are stronger than drugs. Accutane is really strong, and comes with serious serious risk. I'd only use it as a last resort.
  4. Hey all, my skin is looking great, almost 100% clear, spots faded, can go without make-up I think the chemical peel from my derm called Jessners did the trick. I love it. You see immediate results. It's also great for fine lines. I also use retin-a. I started with the lowest dose, then worked up to the 1.0 at night. In the morning, I use Red Tea Serum all over the face and emu oil where dry. I have really oily skin, so this combo works great. My skin has adjusted to the peel and retin-a, so
  5. Booooooooo! I love penut butter
  6. I'm having great results with retin-a. I also have chemical peels done at the derm. That works great too. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience.
  7. Hey Ava, I can relate. The same thing happened to me just a couple months ago. Same kind of break out, same place. I was trying everything. I found that exfolating with a natural brush with Jason Red Elements gentle gel cleanser followed with neosporin cream helped me the most for over the counter treatment. I didn't start seeing real results until I finally went and seen my derm about a month and a half ago. He put me on antibiotics (i just took it for about a week, then again for a week befor
  8. My derm told me retin a will help with red marks because it exfoliates the skin.
  9. My acne is hormonal. I have been on accutane twice as a teen (i'm 25 now). It did clear me up, but I still would get breakouts-though not as bad. I went on OrthoTriCyclene for about 2 years, and that helped too, but the side effects were awful. Then I tried proactive, which worked for about 2 years, and then I started breaking out bad again recently. What also came back were my painful cramps that cause me to throw up and bleed heavy. Sorry if TMI, but it's how i knew for sure my acne was hormon
  10. I have tried Exposed. It didn't give me the results I was after. I did, however, use the microdermabrasion cloth and still do. It's awesome for removing black heads and flaky skin. But be careful, it can rub off too much skin and scab. I have also used Proactive, which worked beautifully for about 2 years, but I guess my skin became resistant to it. I recommend you see a dermo. I tried Dan's regimen, but it just made my skin dry and red and wrinkly looking. I finally saw my dermo and he put
  11. I was on OTC for 2 years. I don't recommend it. It did help my skin, but the other side effects weren't worth it. I got migranes while I was on it, experienced really bad mood swings, and it also took away my sex drive. I've been off of it for 2 years now, but feel as though I haven't fully recovered. What sucks is that my breakouts are without a doubt hormone related, and that's why bc worked. My skin was fine without the bc, but just recently I started breaking out again-which brought me h
  12. the breakouts Havent we had enough? It's been so long since I've been on accutane, I forgot what it was like. My skin is actually clearing up pretty good at the moment, but we all know how that changes. I hope I can discover what the hell it is that's causing me to break out in what I call my acne beard soon so I won't have to go through the tane again. I hate getting blood drawn. booooo. The thing is, I know accutane will work, but there's such a huge risk. I guess I'll have to wait and see w
  13. thanks for the input guys. so do you think it would be worth going on the tane for a third time? are the side effects increased? what about if i go on a lower dosage? and also, if i've already been on it twice and havent had any long term side effects, would it be safe to go on it a third time? I hope someone out there has some real-life answers because i'm afraid my dermo wont be able to answer them, or will only give me the answers he thinks i want to hear. I appreciate your help, it's a b
  14. I'm hoping I can find someone who has a similar problem as me. I'm 25 and was on accutane twice when I was around 18-19 for about 3 months at a time (20 mg). I never had severe acne, just persistant acne. My skin was fine up until about 6 months ago. Now I keep getting breakouts around my chin area and on my cheeks that's not responding to anything. I'm thinking it's hormones, but I don't know. I have an appointment with my dermo for next week, but want to know if anyone's got any advise. thank
  15. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone's tried the regenerist line and what they think about it. I'm 25, so I am concerned about wrinkles, but I'm also having breakouts. My cousin uses the regenerist line and loooooves it. her skin used to break out, but now it looks like butta. Let me know what you think... thanks!