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  1. Well, the first time I used Proactiv, it worked great. Second time I used it, my face virtually exploded and I had what I assumed to be an allergic reaction. But, to be fair, I *did* scrub the cleanser pretty deeply into my face, so maybe that did it, as I do have sensitive skin. Anyhow, I've become desperate so while I was in the hospital I asked my mom to pick me up some AcneFree, as it's cheeper and a lot of people say it works better than Proactiv. After nearly two weeks of painstakingly bui
  2. Well, it's been a month since I've been here. Just came home from spending two weeks in the hospital for brain surgery and a following one in rehab. Still feeling crappy (both physically and mentally) but I do loves me a good questionaire and I just couldn't pass it up! 1. How are you feeling today? Craptastic 2. Do you use MSN alot? No. I use AOL and AIM 3. At what age did you get acne? eighteen 4. What's your favourite food? mmm sushi 5. Would you exchange your acne for clear skin, but y
  3. This sounds good. My gynecologist actually reccomended that I take birth control pills to regulate my period, which is what is probably causing me to break out anyway. I asked her if she could prescribe me one specifically for acne sufferers, so I'm hoping, once I get the OK from my neurologist, that I could start either Yasmin or Ortho Try Cyclen soon. The article said BC pills could be like a "miracle" for teenage girls going through hormonal changes. I can only pray it'll work for me. :pray:
  4. I've given most of that stuff up already. And, considering I'd do anything short of setting my face on fire to get rid of this ridiculous disease, I'd give up mostly anything anyone else suggested.
  5. Actually prednisone is used in small doses to clear up acne. My daughter takes it before formals. It usually works pretty well. She took it to control the IB from accutane and that worked well also Really? Because whenever I take it (and I'll be taking it for two weeks also starting in a few days) I always break out HORRIBLY. And that was when I didn't have acne at all. But everyone's different, I guess. Hey, a thought. If prednisone is supposed to clear up acne, maybe, once I get of
  6. My parents have adopted the whole "what's the big deal?" way of thinking in response to my sudden acne. Which is *extremely* aggravating, upsetting, and depressing. They say I'm "overreacting" and that their acne was much worse at my age. Yet now they have perfectly clear skin and steadfastly refuse to let me see a derm regularly. I believe that if we try harder, I can overcome this. I've barely scratched the surface in terms of acne medications, because all I've been able to buy are five dollar
  7. Acne is not difficult to treat?? Since when? If it was so easy, we'd all be clear and there wouldn't be a need for this site in the first place, right? If it was so easy, I wouldn't be hauled up in my room avoiding all the mirrors in the house like a vampire crying my eyes out wondering what I did wrong to have perfect skin for eighteen years only to be faced with *this* just before turning nineteen? Personally, I can't see a dermatologist regularly. We simply don't have the time and/or
  8. Hi everyone. Well, I posted this question in the Frequently Asked Questions for Accutane Users thread a few days ago, but I'm not sure if anyone saw it so I'll start a new thread. If any of the moderators have a problem with this please feel free to delete! I know Accutane works from the outside in by targeting sebaceous glands to reduce oil production, right? (If I'm wrong, please correct me) But my skin is not oily; in fact, it is quite dry- even my t-zone most of the time. Since my acne
  9. Not for me, that's for damn sure. That crap made my acne about five times *worse*
  10. I agree. Personally, for me, there is so much crap going on in my life now-but my life is always hectic. But the one thing I was generally always sure of was my confidence in myself. Now, because I suddenly have acne out of *nowhere*, when in my whole life prior to the last couple of months, I maybe had six zits in the span of five years, I feel about 100x worse. It's like, I look in the mirror, and all I see is everythng wrong with my life reflecting back at me.
  11. Hello all. I've been doing some research, and I've concluded that going on the pill is probably my best course of action, seeing as how I never had this (annoying stupid, superficial avoiding-the-mirrors-like-a-vampire KILL ME NOW!) condition before I developed an eating disorder and my body got all screwed up. I'm seeing the gynecologist for the first time on Monday, and, since I still haven't gotten my period and it's been over four months already, she'll probably suggest I go on the pill anyw
  12. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding Accutane. I know Accutane works from the outside in by targeting sebaceous glands to reduce oil production, right? (If I'm wrong, please correct me) But my skin is not oily; in fact, it is quite dry- even my t-zone most of the time. Since my acne is most likely due to a hormonal imbalance, I'm probably going to try going on the pill after I have surgery. But if that doesn't work, does anyone think Accutane will still work for me, even though my skin isn
  13. Thank you. I really appreciate everyone's well wishes "steroids shrink your uterus..." I guess that's ok. Can't have kids anyway.
  14. Well, last week I had my first "indulgence" dinner for a holiday, and while I thought I'd broken out a few days later, I'm pretty sure it only turned out to be irritated redness from a topical I was using. Meanwhile, I also had a bit of ice cream (dairy!) and I've yet to see a reaction ( ) so I think it's ok to indulge yourself at least once a week. Lots of people have "cheat meals" twice a week.
  15. Kamstan, can you keep us updated on your results with Born to be Mild? I just got mine yesterday, and it did make my face really smooth! The H&S worked for me at first, but I think something in it (possibly the dyes?) started really drying my face out so I only use it on my body now, with the BtbM on my face. I'm really hopeful. :D