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  1. Do cystic pimples need to come to a head before they go away? I've had cystic pimples for almost 3 months now and they haven't come to a head but seem to be getting smaller?
  2. I REGRET buying this product.

    My skin was always pretty nice, a little pimple here or there' nothing too bad. As soon as I started using this product my right cheek broke out in clusters on cystic acne. This happened in February.. it's now MAY and I'm still dealing with getting rid of the cysts / HORRIBLE dark purple/brown hyper pigmentation it left behind. I also have some scarring. This product ruined my skin. I've googled this product and it seems to give so many other people cystic acne. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN. STA
  3. Okay so about 3 months ago, I switched from my regular makeup to Bare Minerals. BOOM cysts formed in clusters on my right cheek. Guess I'm allergic to the bismuth. They were very Hard and deep, and I still have a few left. Lucky me. Anyways, they left behind lots of REALLY red and purple marks, I know this is the beginning of them starting to heal but, what will help speed up this process? This is the reddest my hyperpigmentation from acne has ever been. I read that apple cider vinegar could he
  4. How long does it normally take cystic acne to go away? I have 4 cysts under my skin and they've been there for 2 months now. /: what are your experiences? Did any of yours last that long? What finally made them go away?
  5. I have pretty bad cystic acne and I've been on the pill for about a month? I was just wondering how long this stuff takes to kick in, what were your experiences with it? When did you see results? Did it get worse before it got better? I'm going crazy over here, help please!
  6. Alright, as long as it sounds like what I'm going through is normal. I'll just hang in there. Thanks :)
  7. I'm just ending my first week of The Regimen.. My skin cleared up slightly when I first started but starting purging recently. I had 5 hard cysts on my cheek before starting, and they're still there. I was wondering how long hard cysts on your cheeks normally take to heal / flatten / disappear when on the regimen. I known everyone is different, but I'm just wondering what everyone else's experiences were with cysts while on The Regimen? Help please.
  8. Congrats! Your skin looks amazing. I've seen your before and after pictures and I have some questions for you. I'm only on week 5, but I'm struggling with some stubborn cystic acne. Was your acne cystic? And if it was, how long would you say it took your cysts to finally flatten down and go away? Fingers crossed that I end up with results like yours! Please respond
  9. I've been on The Regimen for about 4 weeks now, and some pimples have cleared up, others (under the skin) are very hard (cysts/nodules) but seem to have come to the surface a little bit. Did anyone else have really slow progress like me? If you had cysts or nodules while on the regimen how long did it take for them to go away? I'm sticking with it but I'm beginning to get really frustrated and impatient... I need to know that there is hope.