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  1. Hi! I just tried to order some regimen stuff, but there is some kind of problem with the payment. When I try to pay with my Visa Electron the site says: "Payment authorization error. This credit card provider does not support address verification. Please use another card." I have ordered several times from here before, using the same damn card. I don't have any other cards. So the question is how can I buy more regimen supplies? How to fix that problem? I'm now 95% clear (5 months on th
  2. Use a lot of AHA, but be careful because overdosing it too much will burn your skin badly and leave terrible marks.
  3. Sometimes I wish I was a girl or gay, so I too could wear make up and not get judged
  4. You notice a very minor blackhead, and every instinct, experience and everything you know about it tells you to just let it be. You observe it for a long time from the mirror. "Hmm, I'll just.." And it doesn't pop out. One more try! No... DAMN SHITFUCK I'LL TAKE YOU OUT NO MATTER WHAT! Then you pick it with variety of interesting tools and such, making the minor thing to grow up a large red mark thing. And the damn blackhead is still there. This is the point where you consider killing yourself f
  5. Check the ingredients in your cleanser and compare them to the acne.org "to be avoided" -list, if you haven't already done that. Some ingredients can cause extra dryness when used with BP. I'm on my 10th week as well, and during the day I have to apply more moisturizer every 30-60mins because of the flakiness/dryness of the skin. After a few hours I have extremely moist skin flakes all over my face It's still better than acne though.. Haven't tried jojoba oil yet, have you?
  6. How long did it take for you to get rid of red marks, hyperpigmentation and scars? How much do you use 10% AHA? I have used 5% AHA for 2,5 years now, and it still seems to irritate my skin quite a bit (although I burned my face abusing 10% AHA when I discovered it.. for 1 year I looked like I had been beaten up badly, so I was pretty happy with my acne for a while after that ).
  7. I had no major improvements in my 5th week either. I broke out a bit every day in my 8th too. Now I'm on 10th week and I have only one(1) active pimple at the time, although I'm still afraid of breaking out (I have to apply moisturizer every 30min because of the flakiness, thus touch my face all the time). Just keep doing it! It takes the 3 months. Just wondering btw, why does it say in the site that by the week 4 the face should be clear? Obviously that's not what it is for most of us.
  8. It works very well for the little ones
  9. Related question: How about going swimming in the water (after getting clear)? Will BP go all white on your face? After it has washed of, is it ok to just put moisturizer + suncream after getting out of water or should I put BP on again? Does anyone has recommends how to deal with the regimen while in music festivals?
  10. I chose the cheapest USP shipping, just to realize now that it might take up to 6 weeks to get here. Lol so I ordered now again using the most expensive shipping. That way "the regimen kit" will cost me about 100 USD. Although the products are so damn expensive here in Finland, it's still actually cheaper for me, IF the kit lasts full time regimen usage the promised 30 days.
  11. Well, which one do you think is more important to you: being able to participate your religious rituals or having acne free skin? Of course the BP will do it's thing even if applied only in the evenings and washing face all day long, but that won't give you the best results, although it will still help some.
  12. Have you ever EVER heard any doctor to prescribe HOW to cleanse your face and HOW MUCH of your med to put on your affected area, and even more HOW LONG to wait untill you use your cream? I guess not, because there is no point in such details that only WASTE your time. And you are not doctors here on acne.org, or am i missing smth? I think that's actually one of the reasons why the regimen works so well for most people ("who have already tried everything"). It gives you very strict instructions t
  13. My rashes are fading away sloooowly now after changing the cleanser (this one has a not recommended ingredient though, which causes my face to flake like hell with 5% BP.. Can't wait till the acne.org products finally ship here in couple weeks ). So to me, if the rashes won't come back, I think it was an allergic reaction to some ingredient in the cleanser (it was aco's spotless cleanser). Are you using the acne.org cleanser or something else currently?
  14. Hmm, maybe one cause could be shaving? The hair can go funny and get infected/grow inside your skin. U could try to pay attention to gently shaving in right direction, and cleansing face before and after shaving.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uej9Pxe1q98 Here you go buddy Yes it's better to just leave them alone. If you can see a big white head in it, I think it's ok to pop it after shower. I hate myself so much when I get frustrated and end up trying to pop immature pimple, this leading to a half pingpong ball sticking out of your head. Last week I had this nasty pimple I refused to pop too early, after a week or so the skin was all purple around it and I popped it. Some of them however do go away