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  1. Thanks for replying back Maya. 10 days that sounds good
  2. could anyone from the uk here tell me how long it took for them to get there mandelic acid. thanks
  3. ive never used a sunscreen on my face, is it that important? would a sunscreen break me out coz my acne is just clearing up and i do want to be cautious with anything i put on my skin for my acnes sake
  4. lol im definitly buying it now with the way you are talking about it. im going to make a order tomorrow i really hope it makes me want to cry too [-o<
  5. TG - na i havent seen a derm yet. sounds stupid but i dont even know where to find a derm, where the hell are they located? are they like doctors and have their own surgery? Tracy - thanks for that, i just read the thread and it seems very promising. im really thinking of getting it.
  6. DENISE2 why are you applying CP and ALA when you are trying to heal the areas where you put tca on, arent these harsh products to use right now?
  7. thanks a lot for the reply tg, whats hyperpigmentation? 8-[ is it just another word for brown marks left after spots
  8. Hi everyone im new to this board and need a bit of help, after using BP along with drinking plenty of water and not at all picking or touching my face my acne is pretty much gone now but ive now got to tackle the brown marks on my face. As im indian does anyone know anything suitable for brown skin and good at fading brown marks. Thanks P.S. I just read the thread about kojic acid and it seems very promising but i would still like to know if theres anything else out there to help me, just to