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  1. somehow the reasoning and the correlation isnt quite connecting. my previous comment had nothing to do with racism or guns. This being an acne forum, it would seem that those two issues would be more than a little out of place....not to mention awkward.
  2. I think it depends on the girl. I love shoulders, arms and hands. Shoulders are for climbing on
  3. lol I know, ppl said the same when I attempted to bravely go without makeup.......needless to say....im still wearing it. Im a coward lol
  4. It was a joke...LOL....and just what do guns have to do with being black? oh nevermind......
  5. Im so sorry that your dad has cancer. Its really great you have someone who is willing to help lighten the emotional burden you must be facing. I have relatives that suffered from cancer and it isnt easy to deal with. I do pray he recovers fully....That boyfriend of yours must be really special^_^
  6. this post is hilarious!!! I will punish anyone who causes me a break out even if I act like im only playing around. They WILL pay... yessir.
  7. I usually dont think about acne first when people stare at me...LOL Im Black.
  8. I do this all the time my fingers love exploring my face for anything that isnt soft or smooth....even if it already hurts they want to squeeze it or scratch it , usually if I give in I end up stomping around the bathroom or banging my hand on the mirror in order to contain any pain that follows.. ......maybe you should try something that will distract you from your face perhaps you should take up nailbiting instead??? jkjk LOL
  9. If you wont have them, send them to me my address is.... psyche!
  10. I know how you feel, Im not an agressive talker so ppl talk over me...I just let them...Its kind of sad
  11. if I dont drink soda after a long time period, It burns my throat and I start to gag....so I take a few drinks just every so often so that I can remind my body of what it feels like... ....hehehe