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  1. Ok... question... I think I have a cyst on my chin (it's big and painful)... the worst part of all... I'm taking accutane and it's supposed to be my last month! suddenly.. I don't know what went wrong! So can I still get a cortisone shot while taking accutane or is that dangerous?? I never had that kind of shot...and I think the cyst already developed. I probably should talk to my derm but I think he'll be on vacation for Thanksgiving. *sigh* this is so annoying....
  2. Thanks for your encouragement... Bonito! That's helpful. Well, I know I can stop thinking about my skin, but I've been dealing with this severe acne for years and I had hope with accutane.... but now I don't know! It's just makes me so upset... I have a boyfriend and I have this feeling that soon he'll propose! I don't want to get married feeling like a mess with my bad skin (even though I know my boyfriend loves me and he doesn't care). These cysts are painful... so I'm not just thinking abou
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you have the same problem I hope Accutane will show its magic again really soon!
  4. Ok, the good thing... I'm on my 6th final month on Accutane. The bad news is... just this weekend, I suddenly felt something big growing on my chin... now it looks like a really big cyst and I have another big pimple on my chick. I was feeling so much better starting from the 5th month... my skin felt so much better with no cysts! I had severe acne so I finally decided to take accutane. Now I keep on praying every day that this bad dream will end... I feel like it's a nightmare! I thought that a
  5. *sigh* great.... no responses... I'm feeling much better
  6. Ok, I'll admit I was a bit lazy to write an entire log, I'm already on my last month for Accutane. My skin started clearing out about a month ago and that made me happy ... but it didn't clear it all out. Well, on the weekend, I suddenly got a cyst on my chin (at least it looks like one and it's painful). It's big...and I don't know what to do... it just made me sooooooo depressed. I mean, I'm on my LAST month for Accutane, and now I'm thinking... oh no.... is this not working for me as well??
  7. OMG! I did that too... and I know, I felt bad this way, but it wasn't really a "serious" relationship. shortest- one month longest- almost two years... and still going I'm a female, 22 year old.
  8. Well, I think that it takes time to figure out if you're inlove... Just go out with her more and get to know her better. The more you with her, the better the chance of you figuiring out if you're really inlove. I remember I got those butterfly stomach feelings everytime I saw my boyfriend...and from the first time I met him. I was probably inlove with him from the moment I saw him, but I couldn't figure it out...until I got to know him better. When I'm talking about love, I'm not just talking s
  9. Hey, it's your choice. I know someone that is happily married and by choice, decided not to have children... so it's a personal choice. However, it makes me sad when I see those that can't have children and really want to have! I LOVE children and I know that when I'll get married, I'll wanna have some. Well, luckily...my boyfriend also loves children and we wanna have 10!
  10. I agree with many of you. If a guy would first ask me if he could kiss me... I'd probably get too nervous and the kiss wouldn't turn out that great. It feels much better when the kiss just comes naturally. So just take it slow when the night is over... say you had a great time and get closer to her. You can tell by the body language... if she moves away from you or turns away, then don't push it for a kiss. But you'll know when the time comes. I remember my first kiss with my boyfriend. Well, i
  11. Right, you answered the question correctly :lol: Wow... what a dream you had! I hope it doesn't really make people crazy like in your dream..lol.
  12. Well, I gotta admit, I've been having strange dreams lately and maybe it's because I'm taking accutane or/and there's too much in my mind Ok, so I've got a boyfriend and we love each other very much. We've been together for almost a year and our love just keeps on growing stronger. Last night, I had a dream that we've decided to hmmm....make love . Just for the reference *ahem* we're waiting for the right moment and time. But anyway, so in my dream, I felt like it was soooo real.... very
  13. Laura- that's great!! Just think this way...you're beautiful without the makeup! I remember the time when I never wore makeup even when my skin had acne. Then I "discovered" ways to hide the acne with makeup...it got kinda addicting that after that I just couldn't go out without makeup and I still can't! But it takes time to get used to. So just be patient and soon you won't have to worry about makeup that much.