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  1. Yea but the problem is i am a teenager and im losing hope that my acne will go away while i am a teenager. I used to eat very unhealthy foods like VERY and i didnt break out. It was just last year when i was 15 then i turned 16 it all changed. I now eat healthier. My parents and my brothers got rid of their acne when they turned 20ish so im pretty sure im gonna grow out of it when im 20. I dont wanna wait that long though. [Edited image out] im starting to believe tou cant do anyth
  2. Hi Aqua. When I saw this thread a few days ago and read it, I thought at first that it was a ridiculous idea. It couldn't possibly be so easy. Then I thought "what have I got to lose"? So, I've been doing it every day for the past 4 days and I don't want to jinx it but it seems to be working!!!! BTW, I'm not using oil, I'm doing it with water! Will continue to update here.[Edited image out] AghhNe, don't do it if you still have acne!!! Wait for your face to clear.
  3. From what I see in the pics, it's exactly how it's supposed to look like. I haven't been in here for a long time but I was a regular for a while. I did the cross myself 3 times (with 100% TCA) in 2006-2007 and I'd say there's at least a 50% improvement! I also did a few 12-15% TCA peels. I have to say that the improvement continued since, in the years following so I'm considering doing another 2-3 rounds of cross. It's a painfully SLOW process so understand the hysteria esp when it looks somewh
  4. You can do two things: 1) salicylic acid 2) DDF sulfur mask - Best mask EVER!!!!! I use it about once a week on the whole face and daily for local treatment when I get a zit. They really deserve an award for that mask.
  5. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get your package. They are very reliable.
  6. Whenever that happened to me where the frosting seemed to get out of the scar and later scabbed, it healed completely and you could never see it had happened. Just don't pull at it and let it heal on it's own.
  7. If it's still red, it's still healing. I don't recommend doing it every 6 weeks. I say, wait 3 months. Also, it really helps if you put cp's serum daily after the scabs fall and Emu on top.
  8. No, I had no scars....just very small amounts of hyper pigmentation below my eyes....and 2 chicken pox scabs that were small but noticeable. I intended to get this peel done so that my skin would look fresh and rejuvenated.....
  9. I actually did try this 3 - 4 years ago here are my impressions. First, it's not that new, it's been around for a few years. It can help and it's best for new scars. It can also help older scars (I'm talking about atrophic scars here) but slowly. My problem with this product was that it takes forever to dry. The sticky feeling drove me up the wall! It's creates a very thin, transparent film that stays shiny and wet for hours. The probem with that is that it's impossible to put on in the mornin
  10. ArcticMonkey, please don't despair! Hope is NOT gone. Your last dermabrasion hasn't been that long ago. Many people say that recovery from it can take up to a year and more. I really think you should try the CP's and emu oil. It has helped me tremendously and has helped many others. It's cheap and worth a try. You didn't say how old you were?
  11. depends on how bad your scars are but i ll say this i wasnt to hopeful and still am not but as was told by derm today you do have to persevere with it for at leats 4-6 treatments to see results!! it wont work over 1 treatment Also, depending on your age and skin's ability to heal, I think the longer you wait between crosses, the better! It's ideal to wait at least 3 months inbetween! If you can, wait even longer (4-6).
  12. I love skinbio's cp's. I've been using them for about 8 months now and they clearly help and improve skin. I think that if I hadn't done the TCA cross it would take a few years to erase scars (or improve them greatly. I have icepicks, BTW). I think you should start easy with the most simple cp's and "graduate" from there.
  13. I saw a candid closeup of Monica Bellucci and although she's beautiful and looks way younger than her age, her skin was pretty bad! I don't know if it's always been that way and she was retouched or if it's aging. Rose, your skin is much better looking than Monica's!
  14. And to make everybody feel good, even Angelina Jolie has a scar on her cheek (at least one that I noticed). I never noticed it before I saw a closeup of her in a movie and she had this indent on her cheek.
  15. 95% of them are icepicks, about 4% are scarred pores, the rest are very shallow skin imperfections. I can't tell you how much of my improvement is due to cp's alone because I've been doing peels and TCA cross at the same time. When I started with the cp's 8 months ago, I first did the cp's for the first 6 weeks and nothing else and it improved my skin considerably. It makes skin clearer, firmer, thicker. I did see an improvement with the deapth of the scars but I couldn't afford to do just that