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  1. UpcomingAlly


    I've been taking a supplement called Herpanacine and it's helped tremendously. I supplement it with 2T of apple cider vinegar diluted with water that I drink each morning and have seen great results so far - only into my third week but I already see changes (no new pimples at all, just some red marks from previous ones).
  2. UpcomingAlly

    Guy Wants Commitment; Not Sure He Has Seen Scars

    Everyone has their flaws - I'm sure he's dealt with his fair share of issues in his life, as well. When it comes down to it, you want people in your life who accept you regardless of a few scars or pimples. Your value is held much deeper than the skin on your face and if he is a person that can treat you well and look past (or even see as beautiful) your imperfections, only then is he worth your time.
  3. I'm rather pale and freckly, so my skin is sensitive to the sun. Even a few minutes of unprotected sun exposure makes my red marks quite obvious. In the morning they look fine and strangely enough, after I work out they seem to be alright (maybe because the rest of my face is bright red as well? haha).
  4. UpcomingAlly


  5. I had crystal clear, baby smooth skin until a few months ago, when my birth control caused my hormones to freak out. Now it's all freshly subsiding, but I'm left with some red marks. I understand that these things do take time, so I'm practicing patience here buuut I'd like to ease along the process. My only concern is that I have lots of freckles I'd like not to lose along with the redness. My derm prescribed me Retin A to help with acne but I've been hesitant to use that, as he said it could