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  1. Awwww thanks much Its hard to deal w but i know im not the only one in this boat If you ever want to chat or vent...PM me GL Kim
  2. Hi all Im 43..only started breaking out in my late 30's Thought a quick visit to the derm would fix things..boy was I wrong For a few years I tried watching my diet, every OTC and rx you could imagine...tracking ing not wearing makeup..you name it I decided 2 yrs ago to go on tane for 6 mnths I stopped getting larger breakouts but continued smaller spots the entire time As time as passed the spots have gotten larger and more frequent (though not as it was pre tane) I tried spiro/50mg fo
  3. Thanks My skin is not liking the cetaphil gentle....thanks for the cetaphil bar rec..check out ing Ive thought about trying clinique redness solutions cleanser or mild cleanser (think its in a pump) have any exp with either? Thanks for the phytomer rec..Ill try anything now and pay for it if it will work but is that on line only? I try to avoid on line, since so little works thanks though kim
  4. Im thinking the jump caused the problem, and I would try to stick with 20mg I was on 20mg for 2 weeks and had ZERO breakouts I jumped to 40 than 60 and broke out the entire time on tane I wish I stuck with the 20mg at this point, I would stick with 20 until you reach your max dosage I dont think increasing will help just my .02 gl kim
  5. right now im using cetaphil gentle cleansing lotion and cerave in the blue/white pump Im trying to eliminate any fragrance, actives etc in hopes of calming my skin down right now its dehydrated, dry, red, tight and breaking out any suggestions? tia kim
  6. I had moderate but persistant acne and I think the higher level tane fried my skin Im 2 yrs out and my skin is very very veryyyyyy sensitive and I developed rosacea I also still break out often..though mild kim
  7. GOOD LUCK Im thinking of doing a second course..has your acne come back the same every time? has it gotten any better? tia kim
  8. I agree so not what u want to hear but it can take 4-6 mnths to see an improvement I hope it happens for u soon! I am also wondering your dosage are u on 60-80 mg daily?
  9. If i had to do it all over again I would have stayed ay a low dose for a longer period of time If you are tolerating the low dose well and having good results stay on it the additional weeks to reach max cum dose gl kim
  10. My skin was suppppper oily pre tane I could use a blotting paper every 30 minutes Im about 1.5yrs out of my 6 mnth course...my skin is pretty much dehydrated except my nose which is super oily (very weird) GL kim
  11. SAME HERE and i think Im going to throw in the towel I am 1 yr out from a 6mnth course of tane I was getting 3-5 small spots a week but was woried my skin would continue to get worse long story short, I was put on 100mg doxy 2x a day and things have just got worse and worse and worse Im getting 2-3 spots a day! I guess some meds dont work for everyone I dont want to continue this med and never get relief... kim
  12. I hear what u are saying I have tracked ingrediants Ive tried all natural products (trying to avoid anything possible acne causing...) Ive tried complex routines and the most simple routine... I have a few ing I avoid but other than that pre tane, on tane and post tane..I get multiple small spots a week Good luck with the low dose....fingers crossed~ kim
  13. So glad u found a combo that works!! Im still struggling with finding a routine, because everything still breaks me out...diff than pre tane but still breaking out Im torn if i should go the low dose tane route or BCP....think it would make sense, for me, to TRY one before both The only thing i worry about with the tane (even low dose) is my eyes/eye dryness/contacts etc Im also pretty diligent about avoiding the sun but i wonder how being on tane over the summer would work.. glad you upda
  14. Im just reading what is going on with you, and im sooooo sorry!!!! Its devastating to go through 6+mnths of accutane and still break out! Always scary because the biggest fear is the breakouts getting worse and winding up the same or worse than pre tane I broke out in small spots my ENTIRE accutane course (6 mnths)...I hoped it was due to irritation and I would stop breaking out after tane..but that didnt happen I would get 3-4 small red bumps a week and they would go away in 1-3 days My sk
  15. Hey I was wondering how you were doing..glad to hear things are going well!! Im 1 yr post tane My skin is still breaking out (mild yet persistent) I was so excited to get my hands on spiro but after 6 weeks I had to stop taking it..it wasnt for me My derm isnt opposed to low dose tane, but wants me to try differen and oracea first. Im currently 3 weeks on oracea and things are no better Im not opposed to taking tane low dose, but am just concerned because my skin is super sensitive a