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  1. I am more likely to pick if i am in a bad mood or stressed out, terrible habit and one of the hardest things for me to stop
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    me2 (2).jpg

    From the album: Updated me

  3. kudude

    Updated me

    new pics over the last few years
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    me00 (2).jpg

    From the album: Updated me

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    frat (3).jpg

    From the album: Updated me

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    From the album: Updated me

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    I must have been having a good day I usually look like shit
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    random, cut my hair recently though
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    From the album: Me

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    Went for the shaved head last year
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    From the album: Me

  12. 1) How bad would you rate you acne out of 10? : Probally 6 (it is finals week) 2) How long have you sufferd with acne? : 4 years 3) Are you takeing any medication? ( and what? ) :Yes, Doxycline 4) How old are you? : 19 5) Whats the worse thing someone has said about you acne and who said it? What happend to your face? (A friend) 6) Do you have a Bf/Gf? : No. 7) Do you want a Bf/Gf? : Sometimes 8) Apprx, how mann spots do you have on your face now? 5-7 9) If you had to chose to be someone
  13. It is so easy to put life on hold as i have found out this past year. I have been pretty much on my own this year, since ive been off to college away from any family support(although since ive moved away my parents expect that im fine and they just thought acne was just a "stage" in my life) It's been really hard but i think im better mentally off than i was a year ago.
  14. I totally agree I hate goin to get a haircut, when I go I just look anywhere but the mirror. I have not gone in like three months cause I shaved my head, which ended up being a good idea.
  15. This has been the hardest year of my life, start of college, not doing well in college, death of a close relative and friend which led me to depression, and of course my lovely acne. I talked to my advisor and he told me if I work hard and move forward from this year that I would be fine in school and life and today of course (every Monday I break i swear) I broke out and I just said screw it I don't care I can't let this hold me back from what I what to achieve in my life and I really believe
  16. I used to break stuff when i broke out example my bathroom door (that sucked) now I just put on some running clothes and just take off for a couple of hours.
  17. Steve Nash last years mvp had bad acne throughout college
  18. kudude


    great post..... I have been inspired through the loss of my cousin who died of cancer at 24 around thanksgiving this year. I never had an older brother so I looked up to him since I was little. Watching him deal with cancer and still smile and laugh even when he couldnt walk changed me forever. Now when I look in the mirror in the morning and see a new pimple and dont feel like leaving my room i look at a picture of him above my mirror and gives me motivation to walk out the door.
  19. kudude

    Counting zits...

    2-3 active ones one right side of cheek, none on left side
  20. Hey Mandy from your pics you are a very attractive try to not get down on yourself and your young so given time you can change any flaw you dont like about yourself. Remember positive thinking always try to think positive
  21. I always try to look someone in their eyes, but I do tend to look down to the ground after a period of time for only second then im right back looking eye to eye. I can also feel when someone is looking at me which most the time makes me feel self conscious.
  22. You cant be having a worse day than me.... went to class coming back ran into a friend and he said "dude what happened to your face", I broke out over spring break, i couldnt even answer sucked.