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  1. elevenyearsandstillspotty

    Retin-A Micro & Scarring

    I have started Retin-A Micro after being off of Differin for two years. Being that my problem isn't really acne, but redmarks and moderate scarring on my cheeks. I had been on Differin for six years. I remember that the Differin helped a lot with fading red marks. I think because of the skin turnover rate was much faster. Now that I have noticed that I'm breaking out again, my doctor perscribed me Retin-A Micro. I was confused because I thought he was going to give me Differin again. I hope that
  2. elevenyearsandstillspotty

    When Did You Start Getting Acne?

    13 and I still have it at 24...when is it gonna stop? i dunno.
  3. elevenyearsandstillspotty


    i used it for six years, cleared me up pretty nice, it was a long and arduous process. i stopped two years ago and was clear for two years. happiest time of my life. i tried a different moisturizer the beginning of this year and it broke me out again! i'm thinking about going back on the differin.
  4. elevenyearsandstillspotty

    hydroquinone made my red spots worse

    i tried the hydroquinone perscribed by my derm following his instructions for one daily application. well, its made my red spots worse. wtf? so i stopped for a week and the spots are back to normal looking. ugh.