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  1. i dont think anyone is remembered for very long. vanyel, i would never donate anything to science. i honestly dont care about helping others at least right now, it seems pointless to me. and when have i wanted to give up? this thread is about how to live? if i was suicidal id have started the "lets share painfree ways of killing ourselves thread" although i must say i wouldnt hate people who do want to roll over and die. maybe they have a good reason to feel that way. i think this is
  2. obituaries are interesting, especially when you get different takes on life. the whole tombstone thing is somewhat weird too. i think it has something to do with proving we existed/ "living on in memory." we dont want to be forgotten. but really no one is remembered, and it doesnt matter if you are. rocks dont remember. animals arent remembered.
  3. if i am "depressed" i feel like i am in control and would only act supported by reason. who is to say who is living a virtuous life? maybe if i was born with clear skin an attractice body i would behave differently. isnt it all genes shaped by life experiences. virtuous to who? humans? animals? for example ghandi was an arrogant bastard who ignored his own family... something which his son never forgave him for we all die, and even our memories in others die eventually, and memories aren
  4. When im sad i come here to vent since I have no friends. Is this living or am I just using this place like a crutch? I'm conflicted on how to live really. first thought: life sucks for me.. result: drugs, tv, not taking care of my body.. whatever is easiest people talk about having a "life" but i dont know what that means anymore. we all die in the end, who cares if no one comes to your funeral, you're nonexistant anyways. i really dont even know why i come here, except to make sure
  5. we all die. and once you die nothing matters, not your life, or nothing. the world is a piece of shit with flies on it. believe what you want, theres hundreds of religions and plenty who went extinct. in the end ur dead and game over. people are just the genetics of their parents in new envirnments which form them. so kill, steal, and play it clean and get rich. do whatever you can to make your journey as pain free or short as possible am i right?
  6. my body is so f-cked up. first acne now this shit. men arent suppose to get this. theres a lump in my right chest and im starting to get worried, bc it hurts when any pressure is applied. the lump is about the size of a quarter. im on tane right now, should i see a doctor? im afraid theyll drop my tane if i tell them. does insurance cover this? bc i dont have any money at the moment. if all else fails ill just kill myself.
  7. thanks to all who listened. i ended up going to prom with this girl someone else hooked me up with. some luck i guess she turned out to be very hot, prom was awesome. and i sleep over with my date and 10 other boys/girls although there was little sleeping im not sure if the girl i took liked me much, but it was good in the end i guess
  8. my 'prom date' i found out decided not to go, i already paid over 150$ for nothing. my friend who was setting me up doesnt even care. i got used again and it sucks. if i ever find a way to destroy the world i will.
  9. its $50 at my school, plus whatever i spend on a tux. im still weighing the whole being with friends vs awkwardness
  10. what is worse, not going... or going with a complete stranger, a girl ive never seen/ dont know her name. im scared ill get some really really ugly girl or otherwise itll be awkward. my friend has a friend that wants to bring a friend. if that makes any sense any thoughts
  11. this may or not be related to acne, but if you are afraid of public speaking like me, i found a group that is truly lifesaving. Toastmasters. its a group of supportive people who are great with helping build communication skills. im still afraid, but each time i go im building confidence. i just wanted to share this because a year ago my fear was crippling me at school and adding to serious depression.
  12. i am male. tane worked for a while with my oil control, but it came back. im somewhat worried the same thing might happen if i use accutane again, but i dont see any other alternatives.
  13. ive been on tane once before, for six months i think. it was last summer, and my skin is way better, but my skin has become super oily again. i look perfect in the morning, a few pimples, but really not bad, but by nighttime my face is pure oil slick. should i go back and see a derm? how hard is it to get on tane a second time? has anyone been on tane a second time? would a derm even help me? because im afraid theyll just think im crazy bc my skin will be too clear.