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  1. hey guys i'm 3 and a half months post accutane and i'm still clear everything is fine. However i now have an itchy scalp??? could this be anything to do with coming off the tablets?I try to wash my hair every other day. If its not the accutane, do you think my hair drier could be causing this? i use loreal elvive 2 in 1 anti dandruf shampoo and conditioner. The reason i use this is because i found some shampoos gave me acne down side of my face. This one doesnt but i'm worried i might have to c
  2. hello I have been on 20 mg accuntane since november. The tablet has worked and i'm pleased with results. tomorrow i take my last tablet and I'm so worried now that the spots will come back. I will keep a log of post tane. I would recommend accutane by the way. Just worried that its going to come back. Any advice? my derm said in my case 80 % it comes back for people. Can anyone think of any ways i can trick my self into not thinking about the spots? I could just pretend in my head that i'm stil
  3. i never heard of that. do you reckon i can get some from england? chazzy ps thanks for replying
  4. hey guys, just asking for some advice about which suncream to take on holiday? can anybody recommend any that doesn't block pores? want to wear some on my back but dont want to get spots. I'm on accutane and it has cleared my back. But i'm worried that rubbing cream on my back will make it greasy!! thanks for reading. Love chaz x
  5. i had this when i first started accutane. Just little things for example, where i had put my mobile phone etc...when normally i would remember. It was really strange but it is back to normal now!! but if you check out one of my earlier posts... i had exactly the same thing!! http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...=130937&hl= I'd been on accutane for a month here. its not a very long post but just shows u that i had to same. Love chazzy x
  6. Hey guys here is a few photos to show you me at my sisters wedding and that us guys can beat acne. My acne was SO bad at the start..unfortunately i cant transfer my bad fotos onto here but it was all over my face. Now i have clear skin just red marks that covered up with foundation and i was so worried about clogging my face with foundation but the tane sorted that out. Been on acutane for 7.5 months on 20 mg and i'm pleased with results even my back has cleared. just hope it doesnt come back
  7. 20 mg the whole time and i am pleased with the results just been for my nails doing at the salon and my eye brows plucking..not waxing!! what dosage r u on? love chazzy