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  1. Im not a derm, but your acne seems very similar to mine. It looks like you have cystic acne. A cyst is simple a pimple that is underneath the skin and doesnt come to a head. It doesnt need to be huge or make you look like your face was deformed. A cyst is painful, but might not even be all that noticable. I never though I had TERRIBLE acne as in my face never looked like the elephant man's, however I got occaisional cysts similar to yours, maybe a little more severe. I went to the derm because m
  2. Im going to ask my derm in less than an hour to see if I can get a peel or something. Ill tell you what mine says. : P Good luckand good day!
  3. Well, that sounds promising. Im not made of money, but Im no hobo either so Id be willing to spend a decent sum. Nothing outrageous, though. Seeing that I already have an appointment scheduled I think Ill see what the derm says, maybe he has something to say about my acne or blackheads or whatever, even though Im not too concerned about them. I just wish these damned marks could go away. Oh yeah, thanks to those who replied. Insightful answers on derms.
  4. My butt! (right at the start of the crack, too. Ew.)
  5. So I've made my first appointment to see a derm on Monday about my damned red marks and shallow scars. Ive gotten clear-no more breakouts. However, since this is my first time going to a derm, Im not sure what my options will be. I have redmarks on my cheeks and forehead from breakout and a few shallow scars in the same areas. Pretty minor stuff, but it isnt pretty to look at and I really want to end my battle with acne. Anyone been to a derm for redmarks and little scars and know what my option
  6. I like to use warm water to wash with and finish with cold water splashes. Even if the close-pores thing is a myth, it helps with the redness and swelling of acne. Thats why doctors tell you to ice pimples- cold reduces swelling.
  7. I get those nasty blackheads on the corners and sometimes around my mouth during my time of the month. I try to squeeze them out gently, which Ive found works, but it turns red and it takes days to look like normal skin again. The only real downside other than redness it that its pretty gross to have these long strings of god-knows-what ooze out from the corners of your mouth. >.<
  8. Yeah...Ive had those. I've only gotten them on my back though. They're pretty gross. When you get it out theres like this hard wax plug...or two that comes out.
  9. I agree with Luigi, exfoliation works wonders.
  10. Absolutely. I had a bad, bad breakout of blackheads on my chest a few months ago. Absolutely wretched things. I tried to remove them and I broke out in pimples. Bleh. I started up on antibiotics which killed the pimples and used Jessfoliation with tea tree oil for the blackheads. I now have a clean and clear chest. I wish I had before and after pics to post. It took me about 3 weeks of doing this until I cleared but I cleared nicely and only have one tiny shallow scar from a cyst that you cant e