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  1. Most likely yes! I mean im 18 and i have lines on my forehead and around my mouth after I smile. People tell me moisturize, but that's what I've been doing all along. I'll try and look into those antioxidant moisturizers though. Please tell me there is a definite way to reverse this process... I mean cmon, at 18 should I already have expression lines? I'm already using proactiv's glycolic acid toner and the eucerin renewal contains lactic acid but still no success. What products can i expect to
  2. Hey, I've been on the regimen for at least 1.5 years and it's done wonders. I'm now 95% clear! However, lately I've noticed in the sunlight how out of shape my skin is. I didn't notice the expression lines on my foreheard and around the corners of my mouth. Also, my overall skin clarity is horrible. My pores are large and it's horrible to see depending on the light I'm in. Maybe I was just to concentrated on my acne problems to ever notice? I've been using a glycolic acid toner and eucerin daily
  3. OK, I've heard that 2.5% bp gel has the same effect as a 10%. Can anyone confirm this for me? I'm just curious because i used to use 2.5% bp but my doctor prescribed my benzamycin with 5%. So is the 5% actually workin? Any help would be appreciated. Thankx
  4. Ok, I went to the doctor today and he told me to apply benzamycin during the day and differin at night followed with 2 tablets of erythromycin. Now my question is, how would you apply the differin and benzamycin? It says apply to affected area. Would that mean the individual zit or my entire forehead? Any help would GREATLY be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. ok so this is the case, yesterday i went to the beach with a few friends and i did the regimen as usual in the morning along with the spf15 neutrogena moisturizer i have. after wen i got bak home, and looked in the mirror, the expression and fine lines i had were now more evident. so.... im concluding that the reason these lines wouldn't go away is because i was proned to sun damage even with spf 15. any suggestions? would an spf 30 moistuizer work? thx
  6. ok question #1 if i were to go swimming or jus say wash my face with cold water bcuz im sweatin to much, would the bp from my face go away? #2 would wearin lets say a hat, headband, du rag, bandana or anythin else u can think off on my head make me flare up on my forehead? #3 common problem on the board, expression lines.... i hav them on my forehead and around me cheeks... been ther for about 5 months alrdy and ive tried everythin from glycolic acid toners, aha moisturizers, etc. Is ther a
  7. bp dries ur face out so wrinkles mite appear if u don use moisturizer.... also... doesnt bp make ur face more sensitive to the sun? i dunno wateva jus use moisturizer
  8. zits take a while to form, ive heard from 2 - 3 weeks under the skin... sooooo, when that zit is forming, the bp u put on everyday attacks that forming zit. thats why a cysts that should hav been a cysts becomes a small whitehead, or a whitehead becomes nothing .... soo keep applyin that BP!
  9. i wouldn't because hyrdocortisone is suppose to be used as a steriod.... jus keep using BP cuz in the long run, cortisone could hav an affect on ya
  10. ok mad ppl hav this problem, im sill strugglin wit those lines i don think ther wrinkles, but instead expression lines.... im usin l'oreal de-crease and been on it for like 5 days but still havn't seen any results... its a moisturizer so im jus gon giv it like 2 more weeks and il update if i c any results
  11. Ok I need any help I can get concerning this topic. These fine lines, I hope there not permanent are they? Is there any way to get rid of them without ditching the regimen??? Is there a cheap effective way to rid my face with these lines? They're really startin to piss me off whenever I look in the mirror... ;( any help would greatly b appreciated thx
  12. the proactiv bp lotion is finely milled thus it will penetrate the pores giving much better results...
  13. you might get fine lines and wrinkles, but whwatever works for you
  14. ok i noticed that after i wash my face and use a toner, wiping away most of the dead skin cells, the lines r reduced a little... im thinking that dead skin cells initiate fine lines and wrinkles i could b wrong though i remember usin syliclic acid along side with bp wen i was usin my regimen and could never recall this problem, so im gon go bak to using neutrogena multi vitamin