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  1. Im terrified of needles, last time i had one was 3 years ago. Which was an immunisation. How many test are done say in a 6 month period? I was thinking of bring my ipod and putting some chilled out song like jack johnson. To keep my mind of it, also maybe a numb pad
  2. ive been doing Kicboxing for around 12 months, No previous problems with joint pains. Im worried that accutane may cause excessive pain in my joints especially when i get hit. Anybody do full contact sports wilst on accutane? Another thing i was worried about it stunting my growth, on the FDA site it says it may. But there is no evidence showing that it will or has.
  3. I will email them and ask if i can have a test spot, but not sure of how theu would go about doing it. If any asian ppl have had it done please let me know. Thanks
  4. hi, Went to local clinic for a consulation for photodynamic therapy, spoke for 30min with the person about previous medication, the procedure. ETC..... Really looked forward to having the treatment done, saw before and after photos. HOWEVER See warned me that beacuse of my race and skin tone being olive skin, there is a slim chance i may have permanent pigmentaion. when she told me this is made me feel ill, ive tried everything except accutane. Really wanted to have this treatment done, so
  5. Hi, I have had acne since i was 16 now 18. i have used everything from isotrex, bleaching (for pigmentation) and antibiotics. Considered accutane for a while now till Photodynamic therapy was featured on TV. had my consultation, really eager to go ahead with the procedure. Only thing is doctor said because im an Asian (olive skin) there is a 1-2% percent chance i might have permanent pigmentation. I was wondering if any asian People have had the treatment dont. If so please advise me on y