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  1. I'm feeling very happy and stress free! My PIH is almost completely faded! Now it is a matter of maintaining the clarity...

    1. I am not a physician but I would suggest going to a physician and having your thyroid checked and blood work. Sometimes when the thyroid is off balance it can cause horrible acne, hairless, and weight issues. Dr. Lauren discusses it here. If you have health insurance, you should look into a primary physician who can help you. I am so sorry that you are dealing with this alone without support. Remember that you are not alone, this is a community of people who are struggling with the same issues a
    2. This treatment is my first weapon against aggressive skin issues


      1. Accutane in a bottle

        I have been using the treatment for approximately 3 years. When I started my freshman year of college, I struggled with severe inflammatory and cystic acne. I reached an emotional breaking point, I couldn't stand looking at myself and was horribly insecure about how I appeared to others. I contemplated starting Accutane and foregoing bone grafting surgery (I could not use Accutane while undergoing surgery). I found the treatment and I am so happy I did. It does dry out the skin and make the skin
      2. Cortana

        Day One: Skincare

        Hey Elle! If you are still suffering from dry, flaky, and irritated skin even with vaseline, try using aloe Vera gel! This helped with the redness, flakiness, and dryness. It's great because it cools down the skin too.
      3. I am currently trying out Zinc and Fish Oil dietary supplements to promote healthy skin. I'll let you know what happens! I have heard great things about this...I hope it doesn't disappoint!



        1. Hello Everyone! I am excited to share with you all my experience with derma rolling (otherwise known as micro needling). The results are fantastic and I must say that this system is very effective in getting rid of hyperpigmentation. It does so by creating micro channels in the skin for better absorption of products and the roller promotes collagen production. I saw results in one months time (photo on my blog) and have used it once a week for about 3 months now. I highly recommend adding a de
        2. Cortana

          My Journey To Clear

        3. Cortana


          Hey Julia! I can honestly say I know exactly how you feel, even down to the detail. I have a twin sister who has the most porcelain complexion and never breaks out. She was on accutane almost five years ago and I was stuck with the rituals of antibiotics and topical treatments because I couldn't go on accutane. She too is eager to see my skin clear up, and is not shy to let me know when my skin has taken a turn for the worst. Despite the discomfort you may feel with her perfectionism, remembe
        4. I think that as long as you are using an SPF and limit sun exposure you should ok. I should bring to your attention that Accutane makes the skin far more sensitive to the sun than benzoyl peroxide, and the skin is totally vulnerable to environmental irritants while on it. The treatment is a modest 2.5% concentration, which is nothing compared to the prescription strength formulas. I have been using the Regimen for 3 years and I can honestly say that my skin has adapted to the Regimen and I am no
        5. Cortana

          Regimen Review

          Hello Everyone! I have recently added a review of the Acne.org Regimen on my blog SkinEdit. I must say that no matter what I try I always come back to the Regimen. I absolutely love it. In this blog I discuss how the regimen compares to other things I have tried, what happened to my skin when I stopped for a few months, and what I love and dislike about the regimen. I have been using it for almost three years and my review is as thorough as they come! Take a look and follow me for more posts!
        6. I made the biggest mistake by stopping The Regimen for about 2 months thinking my skin was perfectly fine to DC the treatment...I now have to start from the ground-up in clearing my skin... :(

          1. Cortana


            Just started my new skincare blog SkinEdit! Here I will be reviewing many different skincare products and telling you what honestly worked and what didn't. I have recently uploaded a review on the Regimen-Take a look and follow!