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  1. I would sacrifice 100 goats and 5 llamas to have the skin you have. Seriously I haven't that nice of skin since I was 12. Try having rosacea on your nose and under your eyes AND still dealing with acne after 13 years. You're a classic case of BDD as already stated. Not trying to put you down, but it's true. Take some deep breaths before stressing out so much. You might have very little pimples right now but stress will do a number on your overall health and face if you're not careful
  2. You'll never be happy then. I have yet to come across the perfect human being and highly doubt I ever will. Nor will anyone else as they don't exist. And good post Nicky. I remember you from back in the day and you were a good poster back then too. Staying inside and online really is unhealthy and I agree that one can live through an Internet persona and lose touch with reality. I've been down that road myself when I was younger. Anyways, nice to hear things are going so well for you and hope
  3. Lol "extremely excited?" About Valentine's Day? Maybe if guys gf's/wives give them head at the end of it. It's just another day in a series of days really.
  4. This is such bullshit. Are you expecting pity from us now? I don't mean to be mean to you or try to bring you down further but you really have to open your eyes and see that there is a big world out there. One guy does not make or break you. You are going to be crushed by the world if you cannot learn to deal with rejection some of the time. This won't be the last guy you'll ever have a crush on or get rejected by. Learn to deal with it. One day your "one" will come along and he will pursue y
  5. Meh, people stare. Wherever you go and whatever you look like, people will stare. It could be because of your acne but it very well could be something entirely different. Alas we have no way of knowing unless you go up too everyone who stares at you and asks what they're staring at.... which might be a bit overboard.
  6. Insecurity is universally unattractive. Don't let it ruin a relationship with a girl who seems to understand.
  7. His loss then. I've had many a crush that went unrequited in my life so I know what you're going through. Good news is that there's lots of good guys out there. It might take you awhile to find them and you might have to go through a few in the process lol, but the point is they are out there.
  8. It's probably best he rejected your friend request on FB anyways because if he did accept, every time you logged in, you'd be tempted to creep his page and maybe see some things you wouldn't like. I once creeped my gf's profile and a guy made a suggestive comment on one of her's pics and I was none too happy. Stupid social networking sites.... Anyways, I know what your going through, as do many people. Some crushes are so intense, you'll have moments where it's hard to breathe. I recommend wh
  9. Hello figment of my imagination. Because I'm a loser I just thought I'd let you know, we've officially "known" each for over a year now. Hasn't it been fun? :P

  10. Well I don't have a derm as the last time I saw one was when I was on Accutane. Face has been fairly clear since I started using the Regimen. But I got an appointment with my GP next week so I'll inquire then. Thanks folks.
  11. Yeah, so I was looking for some help here. I've had this pimple (not sure what kind it is) for more than 2 months now and it still hasn't gone away. It's driving me up the wall. I've tried BP'ing the shite out of it, I've done ice cube technique, I've used polysporin on it. Running out of ideas. Would dearly like to get rid of it.... Obviously I don't need to tell you which one it is. Mind my disheveled appearance here.
  12. I did it naked. I hope that's ok

  13. haha i'm talkin to u on msn right now.... cool.... just droppin by. UUUMMM where's my irish jig btw!

  14. Get older lol. I used to be shallow at 18 too. Even with bad acne
  15. Current bands? Uh... The Strokes, Stereophonics, Kasabian, The Verve come to mind. I like alot of old stuff too. (The) Beatles, Who, Clash, Jam, Smiths, Neil Young etc etc...