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  1. Unfortunately BP doesnt help heal red marks. but if you continue using BP you will have fewer pimples and hence fewer red marks. good luck!
  2. I havent been around in a long time, but I just wanted to share my story with you. I had acne for years. I suffered from tons of whiteheads and small pimples and about one cystic pimple a month. In March 2006 I started Dan's Regimen and by June 2006 I was virtually clear. I am still on the regimen and my skin remains clear. Occasionally--particularly when I slack on the regimen--I have the occasional breakout, but even those pimples dont last as long as they used to. I am a true believer in the
  3. I think Brandy gave you great advice. The following worked for me: I applied one pump of my regular moisturizer and one pump of AHA moisturizer and combined them before applying to my face. I did this for about a week and then continued to increase the AHA moisturizer proportion until my skin could handle it. Good luck with it! Hope eveyrthing works.
  4. Gorgeous dress! Have you checked out JCrew and Nordstrom. They both have some beautiful dresses under $300.
  5. Thanks Brandy! Im willing to deal with the whitish thing since Im so sensitive to the other SPFs:)
  6. Never used squalane or squalene oil, but I love emu oil. It smells a little funky, but is sooo moisturizing wihtout being oily. My skin surprinsingly does not breakout from it either.
  7. That's a no-no!!! Shame on him. I cant believe Dan hasnt banned him from the boards!
  8. Hi! Ive been on the regimen for over one year and have had great success with it! My skin is clear about 98% of the time, but whenever I slack I get a backlash. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone uses a moisturizer that has SPF and zinc in it? Up until now I have used LacHydrin5 and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion with great success. The reason I used these SPF-free moisturizers is because my makeup has SPF 15 in it. Now that it is summer and my skin is clear enough that I dont need to always wear ma
  9. Im sooo glad, my post has helped some. I know that in the beginning I almost quit...several times. Finding the right products is not easy and it can be frustrating enough to make someone quit!
  10. I have tried the following brands: Joppa EM BM JLynne And without exception, all the brands look great for about 3 months (some look better than others) and then after about 3 months of wearing it my skin starts to look really worn with or without the minerals. My pores look big and the minerals just dont do anything for my skin. So i took a break and wore a liquid foundation. My skin improved drastically immediately. Then I went back on minerals and the same thing happened. Im not sure what i
  11. Which dermablend do you use? They have a matte foundaiton and a bunch of cover cremes and stuff. What do you recommend? Thanks!
  12. I really liked Intuition, but if you say the venus breeze is better, i might have to check it out!
  13. doodlemom, I read your post and thought I had tons of answers for you, but I see that everything I was going to say has been said. I basically agree with the previous posts. The only point of contention I have is that I disagree that BP does not help non-inflammatory acne. I think it actually does. Applying BP to a whitehead or blackhead does not help; however, the buildup of BP in your skin prevents whiteheads and blackheads--at least that is my experience. I had moderate acne, with the occasio