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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA I needed a good laugh, come on lighten up people
  2. I think I'm a good looking guy but I know everyone notices my scars, just a few months ago someone told my friend.. "he's cute but he has crators" I still dwell on that comment which is why I'm determined to improve my scars.
  3. Hi I'm having micro-dermabrasion done once a week, I had my first treatment today during my lunch break but now I'm wondering if this will even help. I'm going to have micro-derm done once a week, and Chemical Peels every 3 months. Has anyone ever have micro-Dermabrasion? if so how were your results?
  4. I live in OC also and I'm looking for a place also. oh yeah does anyone know where I can have Subsision done in OC?
  5. HI Anna - can you tell us what you have done so far, and what didn't work for you at all.. thanks!
  6. I think you're just looking for an easy answer but you know what there is no easy cure for scars. You need to remember that everyone's body is different, my suggestion to you is educate yourself and try what you think will work for you. remember that it's going to take months for you to see results
  7. There are tons of boards on that website, can you post a link to the exact area where the guy posted his pics? Thank you
  8. Hey Maya- I just bought Mendelic acid 10% and lactic Peels which I plan on doing once a week, I used Acutane about 4 years ago and jsut recently decided to try o repair my scars. I work out now and I had some plastic surgery and now I feel that my scars are the only thing that I am not happy with. ok back to the reason of my post, do you really think using the serum and the peels will help me? I have rolling scars on my temples, a lot of tiny scars on my cheeks, and the thing that reall
  9. ok I put in my request for 10% Mandelic Acid Thanx Mayra, Blue and everyone else for all the info, I've been reading everything and I think this might work for me. I'm Mexican with med taned skin, I have rolling scars on my temples and red/brown spots on my temples and my cheeks, I relaly hope this helps me [-o<
  10. lol my lips didn't dry up much, but just use chapstick and you'll be ok, I have large lips aslo
  11. OMG Accutane is amazing! I took it 5 years ago and it cleared my face up fast over a few months, after a few years my scars have gotten a lot better but I stil need to get ride of some.